Nelson Mandela Bay Mayor signs Unashamedly Ethical pledge

Trollip Unashamedly Ethical
Executive Mayor of Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, Athol Trollip signs the Unashamedly Ethical pledge on February 24. With him is Ian Vermooten of Unashamedly Ethical. (PHOTO: Frankie Simpson)

Be strong and very courageous. Be careful to obey all the law my servant Moses gave you; do not turn from it to the right or to the left, that you may be successful wherever you go. Joshua 1:7

Using this text Pastor Randall Julie exhorted the Executive Mayor of Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, Athol Trollip, and his council to be ethical in all they undertake.

He was presenting the opening devotion to the 200 religious leaders and members of council on Friday morning February 24 at a breakfast for the revival of the religious unit of the council.

The mayor spoke of having read the Unashamedly Ethical pledge when a delegation of church leaders visited him and that he was struck by the points which began with “This is our city …” and went on pointing out that as citizens we all needed to play our part.

He said that because he believes this he wanted to sign the pledge in front of all the spiritual leaders of the city, and hoped all his council would also sign with faith and commitment.

He said, “The Church must be heard by the municipality and if we don’t listen we must be forced to!”

He went on to say that this was an incredible turning point in the city as it turned from the low road to the high road.

He also asked all those present to pray for the council every day that they don’t deviate from this stance. He thanked those who came to his office every Tuesday morning with Bishop Bethlehem Nopece to pray for him and his staff.

Unashamedly Ethical began in South Africa and has spread to 220 nations of the world under the banner of “One global community standing together”.


  1. Barbara Wayman

    fantastic ! watch for an accelerated turn around in the Bay now

  2. I wish to commend you Athol. Many years ago at a Mangold Trophy presentation I stated to you that we had to get back to GOD.This is happening throughout our beloved land.Angus Buchan’s proposed gathering on 22 April outside Bloemfontein must be supported.