NMB Metro Prayer Day steps up a gear

The NMB Metro Prayer Day is in line with other mass events around the world where God is inspiring His people to recover lost ground. This picture shows a "candlelit" prayer vigil at an evangelistic outreach in Los Angeles on the eve of the 10th anniversary of 9/11. This weekend in London, a thousand Christian leaders are holding a prayer summit for the restoration of the UK

Planning for the historic Metro Prayer Day in the 48 000-capacity Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium stepped up a gear this week as organisers confirmed that the event will start at 2pm on Saturday, October 22.

As the NMB Metro Prayer Day campaign gathers momentum, a mighty mushroom cloud of prayer is rising in other parts of South Africa. Read More

Tens of thousands of Christians from Port Elizabeth, Uitenhage, Despatch and surrounds will unite in prayers focusing on  reconciliation, education (including matric examinations) and crime — topics which God has placed on the hearts of various people who have linked up in obedience to His call to transform the metro though united prayer. Prayers will also take advantage of the opportunity to collectively give God thanks for the recent rains that broke the prolonged drought in the area.

The South Africa Police Services, who have been spearheading the prayer initiative, have also formally invited the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality to partner them in hosting the prayer event. The Mayor of Port Elizabeth, Councillor Zanoxolo Wayile, has previously spoken of the desirability of a prayer day at the stadium. Meanwhile church leaders representing a broad cross section of metropole communities  have welcomed the call to prayer by the police and pledged to support the event. Event publicity will be stepped up in coming weeks, with the goal of encouraging every Christian in the region to be a history maker by being at the stadium on October 22. You can help to achieve this goal by spreading the news through your social networks and by encouraging people to subscribe to the free Gateway News newsletter, which will keep them in touch with latest Prayer Day developments.

The Metro Prayer Day vision to take back territory for Jesus through crowds of people praying together is in step with moves of the Holy Spirit in other parts of the world, including the United Kingdom, and the United States.

UK prayer summit
On Saturday (September 17) a thousand Christian leaders from across the United Kingdom will gather at the Great Hall of London’s Wembley Stadium for a prayer summit aimed at restoring the nation which is facing serious social and economic challenges.

“I believe that it will take the combined efforts of all sections of the church to unite in helping to restore our challenged nation,” says Global Day Of Prayer London Convener Jonathan Oloyede who called the leaders to join in prayer at Wembley.

Debra Green, Director of Redeeming Our Communities, who will be one of the guest ministers speaking at the “Carry The Torch” prayer summit says “It’s time for the Christian church to rise up and lead by example again. We were at the forefront of a lot of social reforms which we’ve now lost and it’s time for the church to regain that position in the nation.”

Evangelist Will Graham, grandson of Billy Graham, one of the other key guest ministers on the day, says: “I believe it’s really important when leaders come together that we pray. I’m starting to see things shake spiritually in the UK and we pray God will use it to bring honour and glory to his name.

“Right now the danger is we’re going to lose a whole generation of young people if we don’t move into more intensive spiritual action for God. Prayer is the bottom line.” says George Verwer founder of Operation Mobilisation

J John, Philo Trust Director says:“I think it’s such a good idea that before we go for the big stadium events, let’s get leaders together thinking strategically, learning from one another and getting rid of some of our baggage, which is going to be key to see the nation changed.”

LA mass outreach
Meanwhile, in the United States, on September 10, on the eve of the 9/11 terrorist attack in New York, 50 000 people attended an evangelistic outreach arranged by Greg, Laurie’s Los Angeles Harvest at the Dodger’s Stadium.  5 934 decision for Christ were recorded at the event which included a “candlelight” prayer vigil using a “burning candle” app which prayers downloaded on their smartphones.

Before the event began, Laurie, the pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California, said: “We’re here because this is Los Angeles, one of the most influential cities in all of the nation — in fact in all of the world — and we thought. ‘Let’s go to the epicenter of where so much media takes place to see if we, in some way, can influence the influencers.’ We’re coming here with the simple message of the gospel. I don’t know when there has been a large scale evangelistic event held in recent history and so we want to come back and say God loves you here in the City of Angels and you can come into a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.”


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  1. No doubt about it – a combined public, interdominational, prayer time will have a resonding impact visually & spiritually upon our city! God bless the organizers with favour!