Photographic God encounter fills photographer with reverence

The photograph which Dustin Thomson took at the Karoo Mighty Men 2015, in which an amazing plume of light extends from the sky to the illuminated cross. Dustin and his friends sensed God’s presence in the photo. (CLICK ON PHOTO TO ENLARGE).

Dustin Thomson believes God revealed Himself through a photograph that he took at the Karoo Mighty Men Conference (KMMC) 2015, which filled him with awe and gratitude.

Dustin and two work mates, Wayne van der Made and Mandla Ndlovu, trekked the 1 100km from Ballito Bay on the north coast of KwaZulu-Natal to attend KMMC 2015, but all three felt the effort was more than worthwhile.

Life changing
“It was a life changing experience for the three of us, while the speakers were riveting the whole conference experience was awesome,” says Thomson.

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He says he took the photograph with the intention of capturing the cross on the koppie framed by the magnificent night skies.

“I love taking photographs and on any given weekend I probably take up to 1 000 photographs. When we go out to a restaurant as a family I probably take 50 photos and delete 48 of them keeping two good ones.

“I am just photo-crazy, at any opportunity I take a photo.

“The thinking behind that particular photograph was to try and get an image of the stars behind the cross, as the stars were remarkable at night.

Dustin Thomson (right) and his friends Wayne van der Made and Mandla Ndlovu at KMMC 2015.

“I took the photo from about 400 metres away from the koppie without a flash and was not aware of any light coming down from the sky when I took the photograph, but as soon as I looked at the picture I saw the amazing stream of light coming down from the heavens directly onto the cross.

“The fact that the stars are in focus validates the photo. If the stream of light was a result of a reflection on the lens it would have affected the entire image. At no time was the light visible by eye.

Divine intervention
“I immediately showed Wayne and Mandla the picture and they were as moved as I was. We were all of a unified belief that it was supernatural and that it was a Divine intervention – the Lord trying to speak to us and make us aware of His Presence.

“It was a once in a lifetime display of His Power to me and I was extremely fortunate,” says Thomson.

He says every time he went up onto the Koppie to the cross his legs got weak.

“They just went lame and weak, so much so that I battled to walk down from the cross and it happened every time.

“It is not a health condition as I train for boxing and am fit as a fiddle, but my legs went to jelly as I found it such a powerful experience being up at the cross,” says Thomson.

He says the KMMC experience built the three friends’ relationship and they have plans to return next year with a bigger group of men.


  1. Amazing,..believe in GOD,believe in ME also..Jesus said…He the Great I AM,is realy at work all over,Amen..

  2. Albert van Niekerk

    I also undertook the long journey of about 750 km to attend this KMMC 2015. Was blessed in abundance and more important, got answers to my questions – we serve an awesome God!

  3. Awesome, Awesome
    Breath taking!!!
    I was Stunned, as I read your real story, I felt the anointing it was touchable.

  4. Michael Gwedashe

    Amazing God,those still does not believe in God, i wish that they can see this picture.
    God is great!