Prayer mission to suicide bridge area

A Uitenhage church prayer group is going to Thornhill on Saturday (August 13) to pray with police who patrol the Van Stadens Bridge area and to pray over the bridge where 80 people have committed suicide since it was opened in 1971.

Volkswagen employee and Uitenhage Methodist Church member Dave Mc Cleland said that after a colleague Paul Fraser jumped to his death from the bridge three  Saturdays ago, he had felt led to arrange the prayer initiative.   “We as a Metropole need to take this to the Lord in Prayer and I have been led to do so. We need to take back what the devil has stolen and ensure that it stays that way.”

He said anybody interested in joining the prayer outreach could meet up with the group  at the Thornhill Police Station at 12.45pm on Saturday. They had arranged to pray with the station policemen who were under ongoing pressure as a result of dealing with suicides and preventing suicides at the bridge. Thereafter they would travel to the bottom of the Van Stadens Pass where they would pray towards the bridge spanning the gorge above them. Then they would pray over the bridge from another view point in the Van Stadens Wild Flower Reserve. They expected to finish praying at about 3pm.

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Mc Cleland asked people who could not join them to please cover the group in prayer on Saturday. He said he planned to arrange monthly prayer outings to the area.


  1. pray blessing & protection over the team all the best & MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL

  2. Geert Jansingh

    To a good “old” friend and warrior in the Lord Dave and all who prayed: May God be your strength and hope forever.

  3. Evidently your PRAYER never worked. Do you people think that God actually helps people driven by depression. NO he does not, if he did people would not jump. Catch a wake up people. Faith no longer exists in this sick world

    • Hi Mike. It is so sad when people are driven to suicide because of depression or for any other reason. And it may look like God doesn’t care. But faith in Him and His unfailing love keeps us praying and trusting. Believing is seeing.