Rain tested faith at PE women’s conference

Women's Day conference at Kleinskool, PE.
Women’s Day conference at Kleinskool, PE.

It was cold and rainy, but despite the weather, about 150 women from Kleinskool, just outside Port Elizabeth, made their way to a conference with the theme “You can” on Women’s Day. It was presented by Nerina Smith from Women-on-the-Move Ministries in Cape Town and Nancy Chasa from Clarkson.

The weather became a testimony to faith, as it started raining towards the end of the event. The women got restless and wanted to get home. “Where is your faith?” Nerina asked and prayed that it will be dry when they go home. The rain stopped before they had to leave…

During the conference Nerina addressed practical issues such as the difference between being born-again and wearing the formal church attire but not having accepted Jesus. Also on the Ten Commandments as it is in today’s life and she spoke about their worth and value in Christ. Many of the women who attended are mothers facing the realities of alcoholism, gangsterism or poverty in their own lives or in the lives of family members.

All praise to God for lives that had been touched as many came forward for prayer and anointment and testified after the conference that they were blessed.



  1. Praise God for the women who raise the banner of Jesus high!

  2. My friend Richard Bulbring and I were in a Jesus Film outreach with Alan Verynne in Hokwe (Mozambique), showing the Jesus Film to about 600 people-many of whom had NEVER seen a movie before- and it started flooding down-we had no option but to fall on our knees and beg God to stop the rain. He did(completely), but everytime we stood up, it started coming down again…we spent the next 2 hours on our knees and the rain only came down after we had packed up-our faith strengthened-our hope renewed..

  3. Jon – Im so excited to hear more stories like this!!!