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Prayer + Action = Breakthrough in 2012

As this is my first update for the year, I wish you and your family God’s best for 2012. I pray you experience His love, blessing, provision & protection in greater measure this year. I believe you and I will see God’s righteous rule increase in our families, government and […]

Pulling down strongholds…

I attended the Justice and Constitutional Development Portfolio Committee’s deliberations on the ‘Prevention & Combating in Trafficking of Person’s Bill’ (TIP) in Parliament on November 1. I left Parliament frustrated at the slow progress of this vital legislation. There still does not appear to be any urgency in the Committee’s […]

The writing’s on the wall!

The current economic turmoil engulfing the world indicates the fragile nature of mankind’s security. Mankind’s rejection of God and increasing self-reliance has led the world to the brink of disaster. Major economic powerhouses like the US and Europe are teetering on the brink of economic collapse. Both America and the […]

The public proclamation of truth sets nations free!

Government and private sector corruption appears to be the greatest threats facing South Africa’s future growth and prosperity. A battle is raging between the individuals tasked with exposing and investigating government corruption and the shady characters perpetrating these evil deeds. Shortly after the news broke of the imminent arrest of […]

The People Vs e.tv (Phase 2)

Despite assurances to their advertisers that “Naked News” contradicted the channels “high family values,” e.tv again broadcasted the appallingly sexist strip show on Saturday 2 July at 1:10am. The channel of “high family values” also aired several pornographic SMS adverts that have proven to be harmful to children. Many reports […]

The two faces of e.tv

The negative publicity generated by the anti-porn mass boycott of  e.tv is beginning to take effect. Apparently, advertisers are also concerned about the channel’s anti-family programming schedule. Alarmingly, e-tv has revealed two conflicting and very deceptively different faces in their response to this issue – one to the Christian complainants […]