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Take action and stop the traffick!

Reports of human trafficking for the purpose of prostitution continue to make the headlines in SA’s newspapers. The Times reports a shocking increase in human trafficking from Zimbabwe. IOL News reports on Nigerian syndicates operating in Gauteng and Durban who snatch teenage girls, drug them and force them into prostitution. […]

God-given chance to vote

With the Local Government Elections fast approaching, Christian citizens will again be provided the God-given opportunity to select Godly men and women of integrity and elect them as officials. Much of the anger and despair in society can be avoided if you and I take the time to register to […]

Protecting our children ensures our future

The most encouraging news I heard this week is Watchdog International’s successful installation of a national internet filter in the Republic of Mauritius to prevent the sexual abuse of children. Peter Mancer, the MD of Watchdog International – presented a compelling argument for the installation of a national internet filtering system in […]


I will be publishing a quote of the week in this spot every Friday. Just something that caught my eye during the week. Made me smile, or think or say “Amen to that!”  You are welcome to add your own Quote of the Week in the comments below. You are […]