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Church’s apathy precipitates moral decline!

South Africa’s downward moral spiral appears to be gaining momentum. Disturbing media reports reveal the nation’s indifference to morality and values is having a devastating impact on society. Apparently, primary schools in Kwa-Zulu Natal are now handing out condoms to children. Another report states that children as young as 12 are using […]

Green Paper “a great opportunity” for Church to fight for the family!

The Deputy Minister of Social Development, Bongi Ntuli launched the ‘Green Paper on Families’ for public engagement and comment yesterday (May  15) to coincide with International Family Day. “The Green Paper emphasises the need to build strong families that protect the most vulnerable members of society. It was approved by Cabinet last […]

Fight the good fight!

My confirmed meeting at Parliament on May 9 with Ms Rosey Sekese, the Director-General for Communications was postponed at the last minute when she was suddenly recalled to Pretoria. The purpose for the meeting was to discuss amendments to legislation to prohibit porn on TV. E-tv and other broadcasters are […]

Take back our schools!

God drew my attention to the challenges facing education when I addressed the Assembly at Plettenberg Bay Christian School recently. Christian education is desperately lacking in SA. Despite Christian schools providing excellent Bible-based education, many of them are struggling to survive. Apparently, Christian parents prefer to place their children in […]

Prostitution promotes trafficking!

Media reports exposing the growing menace of human trafficking – mainly for prostitution – are emerging across the country. The warnings are clear – sex trafficking is a major threat in SA. On 17 Feb, KZN police busted a child-sex human trafficking ring in Point Road Durban rescuing 16 teenage girls, […]