Trollip promises ‘good, godly, governance’ in Nelson Mandela Bay

Nelson Mandela Bay church leaders pray with the mayor Athol Trollip at a breakfast at the Malabar Community Hall last Thursday. From the left are Pastor Russel Viljoen, Athol Trollip, Bishop Bethlehem Nopece and Pastor Johannes Welskit.

Nelson Mandela Bay (NMB) Mayor Athol Trollip promised local church leaders “good, godly, governance” during his term of office.

Speaking to church leaders at a breakfast at the Malabar Community Hall on Thursday November 24 he said he and his council members had signed a pledge that they would be “unashamedly ethical” in all they do.

Trollip said that in five years time the city would not be recognisable.

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“Please change your attitude, stop talking and being negative, we need to love ourselves and our city. We have two wonderful ports, blue flag beaches and much more – we are not the windy city!” he said.

Quoting writer George Orwell he said: “The further a society drifts away from the truth the more they despise those who speak it.”

He said that those in governance need to speak the truth but as they do so they will find opposition, threats and intimidation. He said he had read Judges 2:1-11 to his council colleagues, pointing out, that like the Israelites, the present government had forgotten the promises made by their ancestors and were allowing pagan ideas to come in.

Trollip said that being the mayor was the most rewarding, amazing and fulfilling job he has ever had. He said people should not feel sorry for him or their ward councillors — “If you need me, or any of them just call us, at any time – even on Sundays,” he said.

After he finished speaking some of the church leaders laid hands on him and Pastor Russell Viljoen of Ebenezer North Assemblies of God prayed a powerful, Spirit-led and anointed prayer over the mayor. Anglican Bishop of Port Elizabeth Bethlehem Nopece endorsed the prophetic word brought by the mayor.

After the mayor and councillors left to attend a council meeting Pastor Patrick Douglas-Henry, regional leader of the AFM Church in the Eastern Cape, spoke about the Nehemiah vision to “rebuild the city’s wall”. He said that all local churches needed to work together to build a wall of renewal in the city otherwise holes would be left for the enemy to get in.


  1. Suzette van Rooyen

    Thank you Athol. You have given us hope again. May the Lord give you much wisdom as you and your team attempt to make our city great again. We pray for the day that Port Elizabeth will no longer be by passed by big events as in the post.

  2. May the Lord bless and watch over our Mayor and all our Leaders in Port Elizabeth.I pray for God’s guidance and protection for them and their loved ones.