Unity Project restoration initiative takes to the road again

Erna Goedhart.
Erna Goedhart.

The second leg of a trip to alert the nation about what God is doing with The Unity Project  begins on Wednesday 8 October when Erna Goedhart takes to the road again.

The Unity Project is a specific plan that God started giving to Erna on 16 April 1998 for total healing and restoration of the country and its people. The previous leg was a three week trip to the northern Cape and Namibia during June/July this year.

“The Lord has released me to go again and this time it is first to Kimberley and then Pretoria where I will meet with prayer groups and, I hope, with a few facilities within the Department of Correctional Services,”  Erna said.

Then she heads to Springbok on the West Coast where she will meet with the foundation nation, the Khoisan, as that is where most live.

Fishermen and simple folk
“I have only a few meetings organised including those in Springbok and  Vredendal.  Most of the time the Lord opens one door which leads to another.  I am going to see the fishermen and simple folk.”

She then heads to Cape Town where she does have several meetings set up with businessmen. She will also visit local communities and is in the process of setting up meetings with government. She then travels up to Gauteng via Bloemfointein.

“God said take very little with you and I will show you the way and provide.” 

 He was definitely very faithful on the first leg of the trip and will be again, she said.

“I plan to be away for about a month so that I can reach as many people as possible. We want to honour people for their prayers over the years as their prayers have allowed this project of restoration into fruition.”

Erna said that when she arrives in a town God tells her who to see and ”I do that until I have seen everybody and then He releases me to move to the next place”.

Hearing from God
Erna has a prophetic anointing but prefers to not put this gifting in the spotlight because “we should all hear from God”, but it does help to explain why she is not always understood.

 “People look at me strangely sometimes because they don’t always understand but God has toughened me up over the years and taught me to be resilient and I am grateful for the wounds that have been inflicted because it has made me stronger.”

She said it was time for to align fully with God’s programme as only His strategy is the way in His Kingdom.

Frankly stating that she does not know what is next in terms of the project and that she is simply waiting on God, Erna said eventually there would be a roadshow in the soccer stadiums of South Africa where the vision for the nation would be shared further.

“There is definitely progress in the natural realm and I am always curious to see what God sees in the spiritual realm,” she said.

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  1. Please ask Erma Goedhart to call me on 078 041 9828 or send me her e mail address please i would like to invite her to a Unity meeting on 25th October 2014 at Blaauberg. Many Thanks Marcel Durler