Van Stadens Bridge prayer warfare photos and report

Nelson Mandela Bay prayer warriors take stand at city gates

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PHOTOS: Anezka van Niekerk, Andre Viljoen

Nelson Mandela Bay prayer warriors were out in force on Saturday as they took up positions at gates to the Metro to cancel the plans of the enemy and to pray God’s purposes and blessings for the city.

PE truck driver Harry Vermaak participated in the Bridge Prayer Warfare event on Saturday. Last month he talked a man out of jumping to his death off the bridge.

In the morning about 150 people — most of them travelling in two special busses — set out for Van Stadens Bridge to pray against the sprit of death behind the many suicide jumps that have taken place from the bridge since it was opened in 1971. One of the prayer team members who was deeply moved by the prayer outreach was Harry Vermaak a PE truck driver who stopped on the pitch dark bridge during the early hours of October 10 and successfully talked a man out of jumping to his death.

The first stop during Saturday’s bridge prayer exercise was in the neighbouring wildflower reserve where the prayer warriors hiked along a path lined with magnificent proteas to a vantage point overlooking the bridge and Van Stadens River gorge. Shofars were blown, flags were waved, tambourines were played and fervent prayers were lifted against strongholds of evil and some of the troubling issues that lead people to give up on living. God’s blessing was also prayed over marriages, unity in the Body of Christ and for the salvation of souls.

The next prayer stop was at the bottom of the Van Stadens River Pass where prayers had a spectacular view of the great arched bridge spanning the gorge and were mindful of the 85 people whose lives ended on the rocky river bed.

Later as the two busses crossed the bridge on the way back to PE, the passengers loudly proclaimed the name of Jesus and waved flags, by faith believing that the enemy’s evil plans were dealt a blow.

Pastor Geert Jansingh.

Pastor Geert Jansingh who coordinated the bridge warfare expedition said: “The event I believe was a great success with no spiritual resistance except fleeing of the evil forces, and the return of Godly peace.

“The next job though, is now that God has also shown us all the evil drawings, slogans etc. in and around the bridge, we will go back with a smaller team and destroy all those to finalise the assignment. This was part of our starting prayer and declaration to God to show us whatever idols/physical remnants need to be removed as well, and He showed us.”

Smaller groups of prayer warriors braved gale force winds to take the spiritual battle to 8 gates of the metro on Saturday afternoon. The prayer stations were the Graaff Reinet/ Rocklands Roads, Uitenhage; Despatch-Addo Entrance’ Cega/BluewaterBay; Motherwell[ Market Square; the PE Harbour (from the pier) and the PE Airport.

Comments from the prayer frontlines included: “Great time of prayer — God is preparing this city for His glory.

One of the prayers at Market Square saw quite a few passers by actually crying as they saw the 11 intercessors praying in the city centre area which is home to the City Hall, Reserve Bank and other strategic buildings.

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  1. I took part in the Warfare Event – was powerful for bringing down Strongholds ……… and we believe we had victory in Christ !!