Wedding story inspires honeymoon blessing

A heartwarming wedding story that was published in Gateway News earlier this week prompted a reader to offer the newlyweds a honeymoon gift of a romantic stay in a waterfront hotel at Port St Francis.

The reader, Sanett Oosthuizen, of George, has also suggested that other Gateway News readers might like to join in blessing the couple by sponsoring honeymoon gifts such as transport, pocket money, restaurant vouchers, or a special basket of treats.

Sanett, who was a presenter on PE radio station Kingfisher FM until her marriage to Eitenne last year said that when she read the Gateway News report about John and Kathy Klopper’s wedding she was deeply touched by their picture and even more by their story. The couple, who live in Sidwell, Port Elizabeth, married recently after Kathy finally said “yes” to John after turning down his marriage proposals for 20 years because she did not want her condition of multiple sclerosis to be a burden to him.

“The thing that moved me so deeply, I think, was the sincerity of their love for each other. I looked at Kathy in their wedding pictures:  no pretty wedding dress or professional make-up and yet she shone with the same radiant beauty as any other bride. John was not wearing an expensive tuxedo, yet he radiated love and pride like a handsome groom should!

“So many couples put off their wedding dates in order to save up so they can afford a feast fit for kings. It must all happen to a certain standard. I know. I sold my car to help pay for my wedding!  Yet, this was not the focus for John & Kathy. Their focus was pure; it was all about their love for each other and it shows and it touches hearts.

“I was busy typing a comment on the story and was writing “…May God bless you richly…” when I realised that God blesses people through other people and the Spirit changed the sentence to “May I bless you richly…”

The upshot of Sanette’s conviction was that she and her husband Etienne decided to offer John and Kathy a free honeymoon stay in their hotel room overlooking the harbour at Port St Francis. “It is very romantic and a special place in our love story too,” said Sanette.

“If anyone else was also touched by their story and wants to say…”May God bless you richly” won’t you join me in seeing what you have in your hand. How can YOU bless them richly?”

If you would like to respond to Sanette’s proposal you may do so by emailing or by calling Andre at 083 309 7030.

John and Kathy are absolutely thrilled by the generosity of Sanette and Etienne and plan to enjoy their honeymoon stay at Port St Francis from Friday March 18 to Monday March 21. John said: “Recently, God has been blessing us at every turn.”

The honeymoon hotel stay will be something that would normally be beyond the reach of the couple who depend on John’s earnings as a truck driver and Kathy’s disability grant.


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