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A monthly column bringing you frontline testimonies of what God is stirring up across the globe. By international revivalist Lindy-Ann Hopley, Beautiful Witness Ministries.

Greetings from freezing Amsterdam!


February — the month of LOVE.

Yesterday we woke up to beautiful white snow and soon after hit the streets to minister to the diamonds in the dust. What the Lord has done — simply phenomenal.

Last night, after a powerful time of sharing and preaching at the Bright Fame office — talking about the bride and a vision I had about a bride in white running through the streets of the Red Light District — we literally found a beautiful white wedding gown on the trash dump outside!

God is restoring His bride! He is calling her back — to know Him — intimately.

This is the sound of heaven for this season and forever more.

This past month we have seen God move in mighty ways. “My First Love” Mighty Women event in South Africa blew the lid! I had the honour of being the opening speaker at the first ever Mighty Women. We baptised 36 woman on Saturday after leading 250 ladies to Jesus on Friday night. Halleluuuujah!!!

I just realised that somehow the GOOD NEWS update I wrote from December and January never made it to the publishers. My sincere apologies. But — praise the Lord — I am adding it to this month’s news — double portion for you!

Here it is:

December and January
It’s 2018!!! The year of open doors! And the time to walk through them equipped with all you need to sustain them.

There has been an unprecedented acceleration across the globe in 2017. And it was increasing exponentially towards the end of last year!

News for you — it’s not going to stop!

God is preparing the earth for the greatest harvest and revival it has ever seen! Can a nation be saved in a day? Why not the world?

I just got off the phone with a friend who shared with me about an elderly lady in one of my meetings in the Eastern Cape. She came for prayer — skin cancer. She went to the doctor and was found completely cancer free! That was two medically proven cancer miracle cases! Both completely healed in the same weekend!!! Halleluuuujah!

There is an acceleration that has taken place this year!

Just this year, I’ve had the privilege of preaching to Middle Eastern refugees in Bangkok, to hungry Afrikaans Christians in Jacobsdal, to farmworkers in Citrusdal and am currently in Dallas, Texas and on my way to Dubai from here.

The things that the Lord has done just at these meetings have been mind blowing! It is very clearly evident that the Lord has started with a new thing and we get to be a part of it!

Beautiful Witness Ministries is also launching into exciting new frontiers — watch this space! Time to extend those tent pegs — not to have a bigger tent for the sake of a bigger tent, but to host His presence and for more to enter in!

All the earth. Amen.

Make sure to read next month’s column, as I share some words for 2018.

The time has come that everyone realises who they are and Whose they are! The temperature has been turned up and I believe in this season ahead all luke warmness will be eradicated from our midst. It is now the time for the church to rise up and take her rightful place as the ones that are on fire and blazing for God, in love and possessed with His Spirit — and running the race full steam ahead!

Everyone who agrees — say Amen!

I have not written for a while. If you were in Thailand on holiday, you probably would not have either!

Philippines for Jesus!
Last time we left off just before I headed to the Philippines for the Love on Fire Crusade!

As you know, God is always on the move and the adventure started before I hit the ground…

Before heading to Manila, I was with the Cornerstone Church crew in Manila. We had a blast!

First night was the youth! It was a God invasion!!!! You want to make sure to watch part 1 and 2!

The glory of God continued….

Then finally off to Surigao. A small poorer area.

Love on Fire Philippines

It definitely had its challenges. The finances were a challenge, the typhoon the week before I arrived and whilst there — was a challenge. The accommodation, lack of Wi-Fi and being there alone with limited English speaking people — was a challenge.

But it was game on and Jesus challenged the challenges! And overcame them all!

The schedule was packed. People ask — when do I prepare and how long? I have been in preparation my whole life.

Sunday started with church. The Holy Spirit came and so did the signs and wonders…

You can look here to get an idea of the church in rural Philippines.


Little boy’s hand healed!

This Philippino mamma brought her little boy to the front for prayer. He had fallen on his arm and could not open his hand. The arm looked broken above the wrist. It hung limp. He couldn’t open and close his hand. God touched him. His hand was instantly healed. He even gave me a little high five! Halleluuuujah!!!

This family will be forever changed. And their children. And their children’s children…

Some live updates…

You have to watch this pastor’s testimony — her deaf ear popped open!!!

Next was the Pastors’ and Leaders’ conference…

These two pastors share some amazing testimonies!

One of my favourite outings and testimonies…


Updates on the way to first night of the crusade…

Testimonies from the first night!!! Too good to miss!

Worship at the crusade.

Final night at the crusade — many got saved and then this happened!

The testimonies just kept coming in!

Another favourite happened in SA whilst I was away — my best friend got engaged! Hallelujah! Can watch a cool congratulations clip on my Facebook wall.

Even on the way to the airport as I was leaving — this precious sister shared her testimony with me…

Thailand holiday
From there I flew to Thailand — holiday with my mom!

It pretty much looked like beanbags on the beach with us roasting on it.

Then it was time to celebrate Jesus’ birthday — Christmas! Little message for you!

MERRY CHRISTMAS & MUCH LOVE from Thailand! ❤️🎄 ✨ . . . . #merrychristmas #fromglorytoglory #glory #conference #view #africanvibes #worship #africa #crusade #crusaders #gospel #goodnews #faith #believer #believe #lovejesus #lovepeople #lindyannhopley #beautifulwitness #southafrica #capetown #igersafrica #thisisafrica

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God never sleeps — we had some fun encounters on the way.

One of my favourites was when we went for dinner at the local fish market…

As I was sharing about Jesus he, without me saying anything, took off the prayer bracelets he got at the Hindu temples. Hallelujah!

From Koh Samui we headed to Railey Beach, Krabi — what a creator we serve!

Bangkok followed.

On the way my mother got sick on the plane — I still haven’t quite processed this fully, but when she lost consciousness, I called her back in Jesus Name and that’s exactly what happened. So grateful for her life.

We received crazy favour and stayed in a beautiful penthouse on the 23rd floor in downtown Bangkok. This is the year of increased favour!

On the Saturday morning, I ministered to a group of refugees from the Middle East.

South Africa
Then it was home sweet home.

I was glad to be home — jogging in the magical “Majik” forest with my best friend. “Come away my beloved”.

And I cannot even tell you how blessed I was to be invited to speak in a very, very Afrikaans “dorpie” the first weekend back with the name Jacobsdal, 40km from Kimberley. This town is pretty much built around the “Boere” war and the NG church.

The Afrikaans saying “die koel is deur die kerk” / the bullet is through the church — comes from that very town!

I had been on a water fast that week — my oh my was that a tough one! Little did I know that God was concocting a glory bomb in the spirit realm to release on this little in the middle of nowhere town!

Did He not say disciple the nations?!

It’s time to think better. We live in a day where thousands and millions can be reached through the communication channels that God has set in place to spread the gospel for such a time as this.

The things we saw the Lord do was simply phenomenal and the testimonies are still coming in!

We had some Wi-Fi challenges, but you do not want to miss some of the epic testimonies we did catch on camera. Here are only a few of them:

I landed Monday morning and was invited to come relax and retreat for an evening in Citrusdal. Another very small South African Afrikaans town.

“Why Lord?” — it was too similar to not be weird. Weird = something supernatural is going on. And God spoke: “Just like they said about Jesus ‘Can anyone good come out of Nazareth?’ — people will be surprised at what can come out of small towns like this.”

What unfolded was glorious!

Watch here:

Jesus healed a man partly paralysed from a stroke!

I don’t know where you are at as you are reading this — but I want to speak over you — you are powerful! You are God’s secret weapon! It’s time to let the secret out — it’s Christ in You!

The greatest harvest is ripe — are you ready?!

2018 belongs to the Lord!
Let’s do this!!!

Hope you have been encouraged to fly higher than ever before with the King!

February 2018
The goodness of God is so abounding — I realise the Bible is but a glimpse of what Jesus did on the earth whilst He was here — because it is simply impossible to keep up with the magnitude and ever increasing testimonies! What a God we serve.

This past month I have been in USA, Dubai, South Africa and now Europe.

As you read and watch — may you taste and see that the Lord is good — love and be loved.

God’s love changes everything!

Have you noticed — the air is pregnant with something?! Something that the world has never seen before! I believe the great and greatest awakening is here! The impossible is about to become possible.

Watch this:

The signs are here!
25 January 2018

Time to birth things that you thought could never be done! Time to dream again!

Reverend Billy Graham has passed away this last week and the prophecies around his passing are of monumental weight. It has been said to be the sign of the start of the Great Awakening. Not just a few men or women of God carrying revival, but every person who believes to walk in this great power — Christ in us and us in Him!

If you look at my article I wrote in January — I am already talking about the Great Awakening — little did we know the prophetic sign that will soon follow!

This moved me immensely — watch and receive the mantle of evangelism to the world.

This month has been prophetically loaded like I have not seen before!

Dallas, USA to Dubai
It started with a Prophetic Conference in Dallas, USA — I was invited along with 60 other young prophets, but honestly had no desire to go. But God.

After the conference I stayed around for two days to preach at a home group and a church service. It was raw and it was beautiful.

Some Texas style worship…

Watch this great testimony!

From there I zipped over to Dubai. My second time ministering here.

Catch some preaching on my FB wall and mini feedback here!

South Africa
I landed back in South Africa, showered and went off to the PPK church to preach. God did mighty things!

You can watch the whole meeting here — in Afrikaans.

In Cape Town, my team and I were hard at work trying to put some structures in place for Beautiful Witness Ministries — time to expand the tent! In time for Mighty Women. Will let you in on some of that next month!

Mighty Women SA, was such a sign of what God is doing around the world, as mentioned. Preparing the bride for her Bridegroom. We are united with Him.

Friday night was a Holy time — love, power and surrendering all to the Lover of all lovers.

You can watch some snippets here:

250 women came to the altar to receive Christ as Lord!!! Many were healed and delivered. Glorious!

The next day! This girl received joy overflowing for her mourning! Along with 35 other women who died with Christ and raised with Christ through baptism!

Wonderful! So many were set free to come into their callings!

This is not the time to back off but to step up! Into Him.

Now is the time more than ever before to make knowing Him our highest priority. Matthew 7:22-23 — Many will say to Me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?’ Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you …’

To know — is to be intimate. Even great exploits for Him — is not His first choice. Above all He wants our heart. Our love. To know each other.

Take your calendar — cut out the unnecessary — and spend time with Him face-to-face in full embrace.

And that is my prayer — for myself and for you.

May He take first place always — even in the midst of busyness.

Our First Love. King Jesus.

Bless you!
Until next month.

Love & Fire

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A season of acceleration — Lindy-Ann Hopley


A monthly column bringing you frontline testimonies of what God is stirring up across the globe. By international revivalist Lindy-Ann Hopley, Beautiful Witness Ministries.

2017 has flown by!

And at an accelerated pace!

This is the season of acceleration!

Things are on the move! The latter rain is being poured out! Are you ready for it?! Throw out your nets! You will reap where you have not sown and places you have failed before you will now succeed!

For those who are reading my column for the first time — Welcome, let go of your seatbelt and enjoy!

I am a daughter of the King.

I once was lost and now I’m found.

And it is my absolute pleasure to run this race fuelled by grace and love paid for by His Son — King Jesus.

And to be able to share the fruit of the good news with you here in the Global Awakening column on a monthly basis — is my pleasure.

November has been nothing less than a high-speed adventure with God!

USA — Nigeria — Johannesburg — Cape Town

Last month, I had just finished my USA Glory Tour, but the adventure continued away from home.

When God said “Go!” — I took it literally.

After my tour had ended, I still had a week in the US at two different leaders’ meetings. Kingdom Connect in Vacaville and Bethel Leaders Advance in Redding, both in California.

Watch some worship from Bethel below:

I had no idea the depth of surgery God had planned to do in my heart during this time …

You can get a glimpse of it here.

Even coming back from seeing Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke and the Christ for All Nations team in Nigeria — I had such a higher calling in my heart to live the higher life and to do it with family.

Earlier this year I had many prophecies about something life changing taking place in Nigeria.

It is true.

I will never be the same again.


How it all happened …

The moment I heard about a final crusade in Africa by one of my spiritual heroes — Reinhard Bonnke — I contacted the CfaN office here in Cape Town. I wanted to be sure I did not miss something I have been dreaming about since 2007. God opened the doors. Favour was poured out. Before I knew it I was part of the team.

Reinhard Bonnke preaching at the Passing the Torch Crusade in Lagos, Nigeria.

I flew from San Francisco via Johannesburg to Lagos, Nigeria — to be able to travel with the other SA delegates. Altogether 40 hours of travel. Every minute was worth it!

Click here to see an enlarged image.

I tried to keep Gateway News readers updated whilst there — maybe you have seen the updateds already, but here they are all together!

Day 1

Click here to view some of the photos from the crusade.

First night.

On the way to Passing the Torch in the Bus.

Day 3

To view more photos click here.

Fire Conference

Last day

Wrap up video

I had the honour of meeting amazing men and women from across the world.

I felt like a young giant next to legends.

I did not even feel to introduce myself as an evangelist. These people were next level or the “gesoute kokkedore”, as we say in Afrikaans. At the same time I was totally humbled by the favour God showed me during this time.

One lady had prayed and asked God who she should keep front row seats for, as she was there early every day. I sat in the best delegate seat in the house. Praise the Lord.

What moved me most was how faithful Reinhard has been to the call all these years. Many of his colleagues, many working for CfaN for decades, say the same thing when asked what they think the key is to Reinhard’s success: “He didn’t look to the left or to the right. He stuck to his call”.

Something in my heart burned for this to be my legacy one day too.

I prayed in tears to God. And I asked Him to give me a greater capacity and inner strength to run this race faithfully till the end, so I too will hear the voice of my Father at the end saying “Good and faithful servant”.

I can never be the same again.

I don’t think any of us can.

Too many photos and stories to share, but I thought you would enjoy this one.

Evangelist Todd White and Lindy-Ann.

Todd White! This photo was taken just after he prayed for me.

As the delegates from across the world departed Nigeria on Monday, I was escorted to my first speaking engagement.

The African adventure continued!

Last year I was meant to have ministered in Nigeria, but due to “lack of stickers” at the visa office — I did not receive my passport back in time. This year I was determined. I was connected with a ministry called Lapis Lazuli.

What a setup. I preached Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and was fought over by churches all wanting me on Sunday.

Monday night was a small group of people learning the basics of the supernatural. I was asked to speak on healing. Miracles broke out everywhere! One man came with his wife and confessed he had no faith to be healed of his back pain. But Jesus did!

His whole body was skew and one leg longer than the other — it shot out in front of his own eyes and immediately the tears started rolling down his cheeks. Glory. God is love.

Tuesday I spoke at The New House Redeemed Church.

Amazing miracles took place and the anointing was amazing.

You can watch here…
(Unfortunately the wifi signal was not so strong and many pieces went missing)

Wednesday night I spoke at “Fans” women meeting — we squeezed about a 100 people into a home and the men came too!

I barely shared anything — Holy Spirit crashed in from the start!

Wednesday I went sightseeing which turned into many glorious encounters!

What a phenomenal time!!!!

Even the tour guide was healed of malaria! Jesus!!!

I was hanging out with the elite of Nigeria — hospitality was beautiful and lavish. I ended up at birthday parties that looked like weddings with the two ex-presidents both present. Wow! Seated with royals.

Saturday we did a treasure hunt!!! Wow, to see people who have never prayed for strangers doing just that — this was simply pure joy!!! People were getting healed everywhere in the mall!

You can watch a bunch of testimonies on my Facebook wall. Here are a fun few:

Sunday was church! I love how Africans (real ones) worship! The service was glorious — so many miracles took place. Young and old touched by God. Words of knowledge were so good!!!

High Life Church.

Wow, I have come home with a different view of Nigerians.

South Africa
From there it was off to Johannesburg …

What an honour and what a night!!!


Too good not to watch!

Last but not least — home sweet home — Cape Town! First day … Hout Bay.

It’s Time To be the Change — was next up!

You can watch the live videos on my wall!

And finally, yesterday, we were off to one of my all-time favourite places to spread the love of Jesus — Mannenberg.

What are you waiting for?!

Christ in you the hope of glory!!!

Sometimes I imagine Jesus standing inside of us — knocking and shouting: “Somebody let me out!”

For God so loved the world that He gave …

Won’t you?

If you don’t know Jesus intimately … call upon His name today. Invite Him in and then let Him out everywhere you go!

I hope this has either sparked your fire or put some fuel on it!

Stay awesome until next month!

I am off to the Philippines for a mission — you can still join!

Lots of love and fire!

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Blessings BWTeam.

God’s love, miracles flowing in America — Lindy-Ann Hopley


A monthly column bringing you frontline testimonies of what God is stirring up across the globe. By international revivalist Lindy-Ann Hopley, Beautiful Witness Ministries.

Greetings from the US of A!

America for Jesus!

What an adventure!

#BeautifulWitnessMinistries #USACOASTTOCOASTGLORYTOUR2017

I am currently sitting at a tiny coffee shop in Playa del Rey, Los Angeles, writing to you.

You will love all the testimonies of what God has done over the last month! He never ceases to amaze!

Despite the fact that I was told to pack for chilly to cold weather — it is boiling! I am in my newly attained swimsuit, sarong and beach hat! I’m staying right next to the beach and loving it!

As is the norm on my travels — there have been so many unplanned last minute exciting gifts, surprises and preaching invitations. I loooove how God knows what I love!!! Flight vouchers, buddy passes and more! #ilovesurprises #faithingit

Since I last wrote, I have been to Florida, Washington DC (again) and LA.

Florida just had the hurricane and was ready for the healing hurricane of the Holy Spirit — Acts 2. Like a mighty rushing wind He came indeed.

I had the honour of meeting general in the faith, Gary Oates, in Europe whilst on my last tour and he became like a dad overnight. He picked me up from the airport in Orlando and spoke life, encouragement and words of wisdom over me like a dad. He connected me and took me to my first meeting in Orlando.

The group meets on Mondays and is called “Lifestyle Christianity”.

Watch as God heals and activates people!

Gold dust started to break out, out of “nowhere” too! Signs that make you wonder.

During my time, I got to stay at a “resort” with one of my awesome friends Cheryl. Like a queen in her little nest. Swimming, relaxing, and driving in her convertible worshipping together! Going to meetings. Fun! I am so blessed by the family I have in Christ.

Wednesday night I was at River of Life church — amazing miracles and impartation took place!

God is so fun — He even organised two complimentary tickets to Universal Studios Florida!!! Yeah!

I took my friend Elena who I met at Bethel. We had the hopper pass and did we hop! Everywhere we went we got upgraded to the express line — favour!

On Saturday I got to take out a small group of people to the University to go love on people — Evangelism Activation.

Guess where we ended up … a frat party!

My heart broke seeing how the girls put themselves on display. Booze, butts and boobs everywhere. I wanna speak more into the lives of young people. But God — it was EPIC!!!

MUST watch these testimonies!

This girl literally hit the floor as I started prophesying over her and she encountered the Father — a beautiful salvation took place.

Sunday it was church — I spoke at Acts 2 church — and that’s what happened! Like a mighty rushing wind.

Lunch with some of my favourite ladies in Orlando followed. So grateful for friends across the globe!

The next evening I was at The Front gathering in Bradenton. My friend Erin from America but living in SA connected me to them when I was already in the US. Last minute God things!

The night before the shooting in Vegas I had a dream that someone tried shooting me — this is why I named the Facebook post what I did.

This was a VERY EXCEPTIONAL WOW GOD evening!

I got feedback afterwards: The lady who got out of the wheelchair went to the doctor a few days after receiving her miracle. He was shocked and amazed, as they had said she would never be able to walk again.

They took her off ALL of her medication! Medically proven miracle!

Yes Jesus!!!! He is so good! Able and more than WILLING!!!

What a blast!

From Florida I returned to Washington DC for Awaken the Dawn and Rise Up.

I went with my friend Julie — she is such a championer of Christ in me and would introduce me to the world if she could! You need these kind of people in your life!

She got me invited to some leaders meeting where I unexpectedly ran into my Pastor Bill Bennett from back home! Small world! He then introduced me to all these amazing God people like Bob Perry. Bob then had me praying for some of the event speakers! How the Lord works. Crazy!

Lindy-Ann Hopley with Julie Nowacki, Jonathan Tremaine Thomas, Bob Perry, and Bill Bennett.

It was an amazing event at the National Mall — the US Capitol — with four days of nonstop prayer and worship. President Trump flew overhead in a helicopter at some point too!

Watch some fun testimonies …

A little feedback snippet from me at the DC Airport.

Miracles at the airport followed…

The metal bird bus in the sky departed for the West Coast from there.

L-A in LA.

I met Pastor Ben in Cape Town and it turned into an invitation to preach at their annual conference alongside some amazing people and to do a women’s meeting.

My session was on Friday night. It was my first time preaching alongside other speakers — new things!

Watch one minute of it here:

The whole thing is online.

I had loads of fun during the week at Venice Beach!

Myself and Brandon Gatson doing Kingdom at the beach!

Anointed Women’s Conference was next in the heart of downtown LA.

It was a small group of women, but powerful!

You can watch it all live on my Facebook page.

God even filled a lady’s tooth cavity!

Watch here:

Whilst in DC I ended up leading one of the outreach teams. Afterwards a lady in the group approached me “I am a pastor’s wife and would love you to come teach our church”. That is how I met Tess (in the purple) and her husband Pastor Cordero and ended up preaching at WIN church LA this past Sunday.

The glory erupted!!!

“Some people call it Evangelism — I call it the Father’s Heart of God” — Lindy-Ann.

And now it’s me at the beach…

Getting ready to head up north to Vacaville and Bethel for Leaders conferences. Relax and Receive and Refresh. I think. I will let you know next month what happened.

From there it is to Nigeria for one of my heroes Evangelist Reinhardt Bonnke Passing the Torch final crusade.

Stay tuned — you don’t want to miss next month’s update!

That’s a glimpse into what the Lord has been doing through Beautiful Witness Ministries this past month!

It’s been an honour to live it and to write of it, of Him.

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Go for gold! Pray. Live. Love.

Lots of love and fire
Beautiful Witness

‘Less jabber,more Abba’ in Eastern Cape and USA — Lindy-Ann Hopley


A monthly column bringing you frontline testimonies of what God is stirring up across the globe. By international revivalist Lindy-Ann Hopley, Beautiful Witness Ministries.

Hallo-lelujah from sunny Florida!

God is alive!!! In every part of the world — He is the same! He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow! Jesus is King.

I don’t just believe it — I KNOW it.

I have tasted and I have seen the goodness of God — over and over, time and time again.

And it just gets better.

When John the Baptist sent his disciples to ask Jesus if he was the Messiah that they had been waiting for, Jesus didn’t send a CV instead He said “go to John and tell him what you have seen and what you have heard”. Jesus’s ministry has always been a show and tell. Less jabber, more Abba!

And I am so glad that God is not just black letters in a book but that He is alive!!! and He is still doing what He used to do and what He does best. His kingdom come, His will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Kingdom business.

On September 1, spring day in South Africa, I flew into East London. It was to be a weekend filled with meetings. My expectations were high as my love for South Africa took me into a place closer to the Father’s heart to see revival. I had never met the lady who had invited me, she heard of me from the April 22 It’s Time prayer meeting, having googled the event and finding some of the interviews I had done. This led her to messaging me on Facebook and asking if I would come to Stutterheim and Kumga in the Eastern Cape to minister. I prayed about it and felt the Lord on this invitation. And off I went.

Glory! My friend Nadia joined me — and she can witness — what an amazing weekend!

Friday night kicked off with a bang! A big bang. Jesus!

This testimony came in yesterday!!!
Doctors confirmed.
I prayed for Fishy on the first night of the Prophetic Healing Conference in Eastern Cape, South Africa.
September 1 — Friday night.
Saturday he was at the meeting again.
He testified that it usually takes him about four minutes to make a wee
BUT GOD — that morning when he got up it took him less than 1 minute!!!
He went for tests this last week — check the test results below!!!!!!!
Jesus is KING!!!!
There aint no other name by which man can be saved.
Call upon His name today!
Lord Jesus I repent of my sin — come and be my Lord!!! Amen.

Watch the whole service here:

Saturday night I spoke in Komga — a small town in the middle of nowhere! It was wild!

God had given me an incredible dream on Friday night. In the dream someone told me that they were going to introduce me to an evangelist. We went to some restaurant to meet him. We chose the restaurant that had deep fried chicken and pizza — it was just a comfortable family vibe. I asked where the evangelist is and they said that it is the waiter and that he’s going to serve us. He came to our table and had a bow in his hair — I was surprised that he was the server. I asked him whether I should have the Shiraz or Pinotage wine. He said: “You prefer Shiraz, but let me explain something to you about wine”. He said when you take the best two cultivators and you graft them together — then you get something better. That was the end of the dream.

I was so excited as I knew that God wanted to bring unity and that He wanted to break division between the white farmers and Xhosa people in that area. Little did I know how much religious division there was. God came and did something amazing. Must watch as cancer yet again disappeared, blind eyes opened and more! Jesus is king.

The internet was a bit of a problem — but you can find some good bits and pieces on my Facebook wall

A summary…

Sunday morning we were back in Stutterheim.

Some epic testimonies!!!

There was a 12 year old little boy that came up to testify with his mother that he had been healed from wetting his bed. Every night — at least twice a night – for most of his life but after coming up for prayer the previous day the little boy went home full of faith, saying to his mum at 11pm in the evening “Mom, I want a cup of tea”. Usually he is not permitted to drink anything after 5pm to help facilitate his sleep at night. This night he refused to wear his wee wee monitor. And at 4:30am the next morning — his mother woke up in a panic and went to check his sheets. His bed — dry!

Hallelujah!!! Hear this testimony on the link below!

One man came forward with a lame arm from a stroke. Healed!!! Watch it all LIVE!!!

That evening I spoke at Filadelfia Gemeente in East London. Can also watch on my wall — God moved!

Monday morning assembly at Stutterheim High School …

Watch the whole thing here…

Afterwards the children lined up for individual prayer.


So much trauma that God came to heal.

One girl’s deaf ear popped open! Ha! This was such a highlight!

If you watched the video of the assembly — you will see a young man approach the stage. This really touched my heart.

He came up to the stage whilst I was talking.

“Excuse me mam. I have a question. My cousin died drowning yesterday — where was your God then?!”

I took the moment to teach the whole room that, as it says in John 10:10 the enemy comes to kill, steel and destroy not God. Jesus came to give life and life in abundance. I asked him to come speak to me afterwards but he never came. After praying for lines and lines of young kids I asked the principal if he could have the young man come downstairs. The young man came and I could see he was expecting to be punished as what he did was not acceptable in an assembly with a guest speaker. But love overwhelmed my heart for him. I immediately apologised that I couldn’t give him the attention that he deserved that I’m so sorry about what happened to his cousin. I then asked if I could pray for him and reluctantly he agreed. I swung both my arms around him as the tears started coming down my cheeks whilst praying that God will reveal His love to this man. I honoured the leadership gift that God has put inside of him. I encouraged him and exhorted him to follow Jesus and get rid of the hatred in his heart towards Him, explaining that Jesus is the best thing that has ever happened to me. His answer “mam I’ll try” as the tears came running down his face. This was a pivotal moment for both of us.

From there we went straight to the airport. What a weekend. What an amazing God. Eastern Cape will never be the same again, Amen.

When people ask what I do for a living — I sometimes reply — pack and repack.

Soon after I was on an airplane to the USA.

I flew into Washington DC. The capital. And oh how blessed to hang out with old friends and new ones at David’s Tent! The global family. We all have something in common. Jesus.

Had a beautiful time with Jesus here … Join for a bit:

From there I went to my first conference in Richmond. I was booked to speak Friday through Sunday night. Five meeting in three days.

Saturday morning — a powerful service with the ladies!

Saturday night I was at Iris, Virginia … Was so much fun! The worship leader got a powerful healing from lifelong pain!!!

This is God’s love for you!!!! Yes, as you see and read these testimonies “When you see me — you see the Father” — Jesus (Bible). Believe for your miracle! It is freeeeee! Already paid for!

You can watch this service and Sunday am and pm service on my Facebook wall “Lindy-Ann Beautiful Witness Ministries”.

On Sunday evening there was a lady who asked me to pray — skin cancer. As I laid my hands on her face — Jesus touched her. She was crying as she testified that it was gone!!!

Please be praying for a full time testimony scribe! I simply cannot keep up with God’s awesomeness! What I am sharing is but glimpses into what happened in the meetings!!! Never mind the things we did not see with our natural eyes!

Eastern North Carolina was next! The fun started pretty much immediately… I was not the invited speaker, but Jesus does not come and go — He is always on!

Have to watch — as this joyous beauty who has never even witnessed a miracle gets healed!

Yes Jesus!!! Cataracts healed!

What about a pinky growing?! This was my first!

This lead to a spontaneous last minute meeting …

Wow wow wow!!!

The next morning we drove back to Richmond. And the following day I was zipped off to …

Watch as God calls out the details of a man’s problems who then leaves without his leg brace or having to use his crutches!!!

Go God!!!

The next day: on a plane to Florida!!!

It has already been amazing! But more of that in my next article!

I will close in prayer:

“Father, I pray for every person that is reading this right now. I pray you touch them with the revelation of Your perfect love for them, that casts out all fear. Envelop them with Your Holy Spirit to go and to be beloveds of the most High Lord. And I pray that as they have read and seen the miracles and testimonies of who You are and what You do, that healing will be released wherever they are into their bodies and into the lives of their loved ones. Baptise them with Your love and fire in Jesus Name. Amen”

Until next month!
Lots of Love and Fire

Please be praying with me and for me as I globe trot with Jesus! To see His love and fire released all across the earth! Amen!

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Beautiful Witness

Revival adventures in Europe — Lindy-Ann Hopley


A monthly column bringing you frontline testimonies of what God is stirring up across the globe. By international revivalist from South Africa Lindy-Ann Hopley of Beautiful Witness Ministries.

What have a cutting tool and an anime necklace got to do with Jesus? Read on to join Lindy-Ann in her latest God adventures in France, Austria, Germany, Holland, Czech Republic and Romania

I have at this very moment two very interesting objects in my bag. One, a cutting tool which was used by a girl to cut herself. Two, a necklace which belonged to a young man with a picture of a anime girl on it — a symbol of a promise he had made to have a sex change and become a woman (More about the stories behind these items later in this column!!!)

God is on the move across the earth!

We are living in a global awakening!

I cannot wait to share the good news of His goodness with you! Another month of adventure with the most beautiful witness that ever lived — Jesus.

I am currently on the road from Prague to Romania with one of my spiritual daughters. We just came from a whole week with thousands of Christians at Awakening Prague worshipping Jesus — wow!

Love Lourdes
I have never in my life experienced such a place like this. Lourdes is a Catholic Mary shrine. Millions come here on pilgrimage for many different reasons. I was so excited to go and see what God would do if we said “yes” to seeing His Kingdom come in a place that is known for healings, but which is, however, not seeing many at all. What I had in mind for this outreach was not at all what happened. It was completely different to what I had imagined! I thought we would be many people praying in sick wards and so on.

But God had a different plan.

I had one South African girl who stays in France on my team and a French guy who is Catholic. All hungry to see revival among the people there. It was hard — on all levels. Much can be said, but better I stick to the highlights. I had an amazing opportunity to speak to the head doctor at Lourdes. All I will say — it was very disappointing. He did not ask me not to pray, so that was a good thing. Many people declined receiving prayer as they were there to meet Mary. We needed breakthrough. So we went up a mountain to an old castle and worshipped. Things shifted! And the testimonies started to roll in …

Watch a testimony from a hotel owner:

There are many beggars on the streets, mainly from Romania. We prayed for one of the men sitting on a street corner. He got healed and believed. Before we knew it we were invited to their “home” to pray for their whole group.

Off we went to a park nearby — where about 30 Romanian gypsies sleep on the grass. One by one they came up for prayer for healing, as they were too shy it seems, to be prayed for in front of people. God touched them all in one way or another and we got to lead every one of them to a reborn life with the King!

There was this one restaurant where we ended up eating every single day — why? Because there was always divine appointments there for some reason and the food was great too! Bonus. We would get words of knowledge for the people sitting next to us, legs were growing out right there, people would start crying and some gave their lives to Jesus and got Spirit-filled — all in this little French ladies restaurant!

God led us down a different street and we found 20 young people waiting outside the hotel for the rest of the group before going to the sanctuary.

The video does not do it justice, but in front of me was a whole group of people and many gave their lives to Jesus!

Watch the video below:

I explained the importance of baptism to my team member Luc. He had already felt from the Holy Spirit a tugging to be immersed fully. So off to a lake nearby we went and a glorious baptism took place. The Spirit came on him and he was immersed again, falling backward under the power of God. We then went swimming and led a canoeist to Jesus. What a way to end our time there! Glory to God.

I look forward to going again next year! Pray about joining us. End July.

The next day I met a friend of Luc’s, Lucy. At the age of 12 God told her to be baptised. Due to various reasons she had not. All her life she had been tormented by demons. Bad dreams and so on. She was desperate. The church she had visited seeking to be baptised told her that she would have to wait four years. “What about today?” — I asked. She burst into tears. “I have been asking God if He can make a way for me to be baptised sooner”. We baptised her in a pool. She was delivered right then and she saw heaven open, as she was filled with the Holy Spirit. She was completely transformed.

But it did not end there. Her bad dreams immediately stopped, she started preaching the gospel and praying for the sick everywhere she went and that Sunday (six days later) she brought a string of friends to the church service in Bergerac where I was preaching and we baptised four of them afterwards in the pool — including Luc’s wife. Hallelujah! God is not dead!

What are you waiting for? Follow Jesus and be baptised — “fully immersed”.

Bergerac, France
My Europe Tour still had some openings, but my manager is amazing — Jesus. He filled all those spaces. God loves faith. All the doors do not have to be open to go — just the one in front of you.

While in Lourdes I was contacted by a pastor asking if I would be able to come over to minister at their church the next week. And so it was. I had an amazing time. Jesus came and many were saved, healed and set free.

Two awesome testimonies of many…

Amsterdam, Holland
Another surprise trip was to Amsterdam.

Sonja, a South African, met me at a conference and blessed me with a scarf. She has followed me on Facebook ever since. When her pastor announced that they have been convicted by God to equip the saints in evangelism — she emailed them straight away. They prayed about having me come, and God gave them a yes. And so the story goes. It was amazing!!! The moment I arrived I fell in love with the city. They booked me Thursday to Sunday to speak and equip their church in evangelism. People who had never seen miracles — saw miracles. People who had prayed for the sick without success for many years saw healings from the start! One lady told me she had been evangelising since she was 12 years old and never saw anyone get saved. When we left for the city to do outreach — I started to sing Amazing Grace on the metro for all to hear, preached and released the group. Not even two minutes later she led her first person to Jesus. A great impartation took place among the people.

Glory to God!

But something else took place that marked me. The Red Light District. It was my first time and it left me undone.

The highlight of the trip.

Watch these inexplicably mind-blowing things Jesus did…

This photo was my prayer. My first day there I said “God I want to see one prostitute so touched — that she tells the whole ‘village’ about Jesus. Like the woman at the well.” It is exactly what happened!

I will be back there in February. Write to me if you would like to be considered to join my team.

It was such an honour to be the first evangelist to be invited to speak at Embassy church and the week ended on a high as the Holy Spirit crashed into the Sunday morning meeting…

Angouleme, France: Hellfest
Back to France to have fun with some friends at the Hellfest — the biggest heavy metal festival in Europe.

Cecile and Johno have been taking a team out to the festival for the past three years. They reach out by handing out white roses, muffins, free hugs and offering tattoo interpretation. What a crazy bunch of people! We had so much fun! And God did what He does. Gave them Jesus.

The team handing out white roses and ministering to people at Hellfest in Angouleme, France.

Haus David, Lins, Austria
Austria was next.

My second time here. It was great. A three day seminar. God did amazing things.

Vienna, Austria
Next stop was a monastery. I was invited to speak at Bethebara — a fiery group of Catholic youth. Made me so happy to see such hungry youth!

My first night there I spoke to a young man and the next day he was baptised in the Danube River!

There were only 12 girls in the meeting and 21 healing miracles took place! Most of them had not even seen one! Woohoo! The girls were activated and praying for each other — amazed at how easy it is when you simply believe. Gold dust also appeared on the girls’ hands! How I love God and His ways.

I ministered at the men’s house also and was so happy to see a special baptism pool for “renewing of their baptism” — I gave the priest a high five!

I love how the church across the earth is moving back to the Bible. And the things of the Bible. Preaching the gospel, Baptism after conversion, healing the sick, impartation, casting out demons and so on! The way Jesus and the disciples did it. Why would Jesus have asked the disciples to make disciples of the nations if the 12 disciples were intended to be the last disciples doing the stuff?! Makes no sense. Miracles are for today! Yippee what an honour to be a part of what God is doing all over the world!

Lighthouse church, Germany
Good to be back with Pastor Karl-Heinz and see his church doing well. My seventh service there. And it was fantastic. One man came to the morning service with diabetes, an open wound on his foot and crutches.

He came again to the evening service — I was preaching in a German Gypsies’ church — without the crutches! This time he had something else with him. A non-believing friend. Oh this was so good! I asked the unbeliever to sit down on a chair in the front — he had back pain. His legs were unequal. His leg grew out right in front of his own eyes. And well the other friend left without an unbelieving friend! All the praise to Jesus.

Awakening Prague
Finally — off to Prague we went alongside thousands of others believing God to awaken Europe! It was glorious!

Must watch!

God is alive!

This is where I got the two items that are now in my bag.

You simply have to watch these clips to find out the full story. God never ceases to amaze.

And now I have one week left of my Europe Reformation Revival Tour — what an honour.

South Africa, see you soon!

Remember “It’s Time SA” !!!

God loves SA!

What an amazing time to be alive!

No eye has seen and no ear has heard what we get to see and hear right now!

Jump in the river — it is the greatest adventure you will ever live!

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Lots of love and fire
Beautiful Witness

God is pouring out His Spirit on all flesh — Lindy-Ann Hopley


A monthly column bringing you frontline testimonies of what God is stirring up across the globe. By international revivalist Lindy-Ann Hopley, Beautiful Witness Ministries.

Bonjour from the South of France!

What an awesome time to be alive!

He promises in the word that in the last days He will pour out His Spirit on all flesh — and my oh my — He is doing it all across the world! Hallelujah!

This month I have had the privilege of going to the USA and Europe — and still mid tour.

Last time I wrote you was from the air on my way to the USA — and that is where I will begin. Wow is a euphemism to say the least. Our God really is an awesome God!

He is so in love with people and cannot wait to encounter His children!

Sometimes we might think it is about His timing. I believe His timing was on the cross!

Just like any loving parent cannot wait to hold their new born child — why would God want to wait till we are a certain age to hold us?

That makes no sense. He is our Father. He loves you! He died to be with you.

Four days in the USA
As mentioned in last month’s column. The It’s Time Event in South Africa caused my America trip to be cut short. Very short. 30 hours of travel — one way — for four days! And it was worth it!

I landed in San Francisco. The Uber driver told me he is not a believer. Well that all changed after God gave me a word of knowledge about José’s right ear that had a problem…

You have to watch this!

From there I was off to Oregon.

Friday night started with a bang! You can watch most of the services live on my Facebook “Lindy-Ann Beautiful Witness Ministries” — starting from April 29 2017.

There are a few … It starts with this one:

The pastor came up at the end, after getting off the floor. He had been to many meetings far and wide and the first time he was ever knocked off his feet by the overwhelming presence of God was right there in his own church — glory! He was so thankful as he was sharing the testimony.

An amazing thing is that God is outside of time and space and not hindered by place — therefore you can receive the same touch wherever you are in the world simply by watching.

I receive many testimonies of people who are healed and touched by God whilst watching the videos — even after they have been online for a while. So take your time and enjoy Him with us!

Salem House of Prayer was next…

Also a couple of live videos taken by Convergent Promotions — can see them all on my page. Scroll down to April 30 and start at the bottom and work your way up.

This is the first:

Sunday morning I spoke at a church in Wayside Oregon and God surprised us all with so many healings and so much glory!

You can watch it here! People were lined up to testify of the miracle they had just received! 50 minutes in there was a lady who was scheduled for another ankle operation and actually started to cry as God touched her and took all pain away! Some difficult worded arthritis disease Jesus healed! If you are struggling with anything that I call out during the meetings — why not put your hand on your body and receive it right where you are?!

When you hear a testimony of something you need healing of — take that healing for yourself also! The testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy — prophesying that He will do it again! Why wait any longer?

This is your day!

Please message me with the good news of what God has done whilst watching.

Watch some good news here!

Later that same afternoon I was so blessed to be invited as a guest speaker at Elizabeth Hawkers home.

She is Native American and was the representative of the Native American people at the Azusa Now meeting in Los Angeles last year.

It was a powerful prophetic meeting! Watch here!

Perhaps joy in church with people laughing is a new or even strange concept for you. The Bible says in Psalms — that God sits in heaven and laughs at the plans of the enemy! God is in a good mood! Seriousness is not a fruit of the Spirit — joy is! Enjoy Him! He enjoys you!

From there off we went to “Beloved Community Wide Women’s Meeting”.

I was one of the three speakers…

This first link is mainly worship and the second the miracles!

There was a lady with Fibromyalgia — overcome with pain! God touched her in a radical way! She wept and wept and wept and wept, as she realised that God had healed her completely!

Hallelujah!!! He is that good!

The testimony that really moved my heart was of the one girl in the worship team. She had so many illnesses and problems with a possible brain tumour etc.

But she had believed that this is maybe her “thorn in the flesh” and therefore made peace with it. She shared this from the stage. But of course I know God and I know that He does not make people sick.

I came up and said “it is time for healing to take place” — and rows of people lined up for healing. And rows got healed! Including fibromyalgia.

Then I called this beautiful girl down from the stage and explained that the thorn in the flesh was not referring to sickness and that Jesus never told anyone this is their thorn in the flesh, so he is not healing them.

Her reply through tears “I know — He healed everyone!” Her hips were totally twisted causing her one leg to be much longer than the other and her ribs to be completely misaligned. Her one side sticking out to the front — I had never seen anything like that before!

God did a miracle right there in front of our eyes twisting everything back into place!!!

Must watch as she shares her story!

What a day! Three incredible meetings.

The Monday we squeezed in a final meeting before heading to the airport.

My favourite testimony of the evening I did not get to see but got word of after…

A mom of a 2 year old little girl who wasn’t speaking asked me in the kitchen before the meeting:  “Can you pray for her tongue to be loosed?”

Nothing happened right then.

The meeting exploded — in a good way.

Watch here:

God did it again.

I am in awe of Him. My friend. My love.

The little girl started speaking on the way home in the car!


Honestly so much happened in such a short time — God is good! All the glory and all the honour belongs to him!

One other testimony that is so amazing from my time there was this message from a girl in Belgium…

So off to Europe I went with a quick stop in New York! Where I prayed for a girl who said she had a booming headache and right there prayed and it vanished immediately. Healed. Awesome! She was totally shocked and in awe of God’s goodness! So much fun!

Part 1 of the Europe tour
Europe started with the Europa Conference “Begegne Jesus 2017”

This was a massive honour to be invited as part of the tour — the youngest speaker but same God!

First I had four days in Langenegg, Austria. Then off to Uberlingen in Germany. Then Ravensburg and ended off in Munich.

Lots of exciting testimonies can be seen May 4-21. Feel free to browse.

So much happened it is impossible for me to share them all. Full time scribe needed!

Super fun and unexpected was having the opportunity to speak at a non-Christian school in Uberlingen. This happened!

You want to check out the full story on Facebook! Wooohoooo!!!

Ravensburg was a Youth Meeting, Golden Oldies Meeting and Church — wowee the Spirit broke out!!!

Watch the church service below:

In Munich there was this one lady who came to the meetings looking like an Eskimo. She had six coats on with a polo neck top underneath it all! She went home coats in hand. “I feel warm”.

There were a ton of sessions — this one is my favourite!

I spoke in another school and miracles broke out and of course many salvations!

Then the students started praying for one another!!! Germany! Yes Lord more!

Salvations. Healings. Deliverances.

As it is in heaven amen!

So many testimonies and well there is no time left to write you anymore as I am about to go preach in Bergerac at Agapé Ministries in France!

Oh but how good He is! How wonderful and how marvellous!

Make sure to follow amazing adventures with God on my social media!

And next month I will be sharing what happened on our Love Lourdes Mission last week!!! Amazing!!!

Please keep me in your prayers as I am in France this week ministering, then Amsterdam, Austria, Prague, Romania and Budapest! Then home.

Bless you all! Keep the fire burning and ask God for more! There is always more. All who believe in me and what I have done will be able to do what I have done and greater thing! — Jesus. Believe.

Lots of love and fire

Feel free to connect with me

It’s Time for miracles all over SA — Lindy-Ann Hopley


A monthly column bringing you frontline testimonies of what God is stirring up across the globe. By international revivalist Lindy-Ann Hopley, Beautiful Witness Ministries.

It is time!!!

Those are the words on my lips and I believe on the heart of the Father!

I have seen so much this past month of God’s unfathomable amazing greatness and glory!

Where to start?!

Right now I am writing to you from the air — heading to the USA and then Europe to minister, but you will have to wait until next month to hear what God has done!

The USA trip was meant to start much sooner, but God had another plan with this daughter.

Change of plans
End of April I received a phone call from a group of people wanting to do media coverage building up to the April 22 “It’s Time” event.

Angus B timeThis would look like doing interviews with leaders in SA, capturing stories of God’s goodness so far before the event and seeing God in action in Bloemfontein whilst there and on the day!

For those who do not know “It’s Time” was started with South Africa being in a critical state — corruption, drought, declared a junk nation and so on. A farmer in desperation took it upon himself to send a video clip to Angus Buchan, a well-known man of God in SA, to gather the people to pray. Angus then felt led by God to make the call. The call was for 1 million people to meet in Bloemfontein to pray.

They were looking for a presenter that can also bring the miraculous into the mix. But I would already have been in America by then.

Something started to stir. I knew God was talking to me. I put the phone down and went running to the hills. “God speak to me — USA or SA?” He took me to Ephesians 5:10 and told me to listen very carefully to His instructions. I listened.

Suddenly my iPod (which is never on shuffle) played a song I had not heard for maybe a year — ” if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray … oh africa hear the voice of God. Oh Africa hear the voice of God and be healed!” I burst into tears. I called my flight agent and changed everything. I knew I was to be a part of the “It’s Time SA” team and be at the event in Bloemfontein on April 22.

More on that in a minute.

Ministry and healings at women and kids meetings
I was asked to speak at a women’s meeting at Lewende Woord.

Lindy-Ann - new life meet

Lindy-Ann ministering at the women’s meeting at Lewende Woord.

The next day I was off to another women’s meeting in Houtbay. So many amazing things happened but the best for me was when the meeting was over. I had told the ladies that they are welcome to leave or join for cake and tea at the back when suddenly a lady walked in with a little boy. The boy was in need of healing. He is usually in a wheelchair or had to be held up on both sides under his arms to be able to kind of walk. They sat him down on the floor and everyone looked at me in expectation. I just looked at God — because I can’t make impossible things possible — that’s His job.

I started to pray. His arm seemed to improve, but his eye and speech which was clearly impaired was not getting any better it seemed. Then I asked the mom — can he walk? “No”. So I took his hand, helped him up and at first he held onto my finger whilst we walked him up and down as everyone continued to pray. Before we knew it — he was walking entirely on his own!!! Jesus!!! His granny and mom were both in tears. Amazing. That’s my King. I wonder if you know Him? Ha ha!

Sunday morning I was asked to speak at the Kid’s Church at Journey of Grace (my church family). God was at work! Every kid who needed physical healing was healed. They lined up sharing their testimonies one by one. One awesome testimony was actually of the kid’s school teacher who introduced me. She started telling the kids about me and how she had attended the JOG Women’s Conference months ago where I was one of the speakers. I had made a call to all those struggling with allergies. She was allergic to many things including egg whites. So much so that if she ate some she would have to be taken straight to the hospital. I prayed over all those standing. The next day she ate eggs for breakfast and was totally healed! Perhaps you have an allergy. The testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy. You can be healed simply by reading this testimony!

Lindy-Ann - kids ministry

Lindy-Ann ministering to the kids of Journey of Grace.

Starting the It’s Time interviews
Then the interviews with some men and women of God for “It’s Time” started in Cape Town.

One man I really admire … Graham Power.

Also someone I knew nothing of but who is doing incredible miracles in Khayelitsha Pastor Mahala.

For more interviews go to my Facebook wall.

Manenberg crusade
Manenberg crusade was definitely another long awaited April highlight. Thomas and Erin O’Brien live in a wendyhouse in someone’s backyard in Manenberg — one of the most dangerous places I know of. Unfortunately notorious for gang wars, shooting, rapes and drugs. Five people died in the shooting the week before I joined Erin to pray over the field.

Last year I had preached there on the street corner and Erin had shared how it was their heart to do an open air crusade on the sports field. And so it happened over April 5 to 6. It was beautiful. Two days of carnival style loving on the community. There was a team from Bethel, Iris, Germany and more – of course lots of locals pulled through — yay! Kid’s games, prophetic booths, face painting and more! My dear friend Carol Campbell (Healing Rooms Director Africa) and I ran the “Be Healed” tent. Glorious! One of the very first people who came in was a lady with a 5 year old boy. His legs were completely paralysed. We prayed. Then I told him to “kick the devil” and he did! Those little legs flung across the air! Wooooohoooo!!! Just amazing. The things I get to see. Wow! God is alive!

There was a gang war happening whilst the event was taking place and a gale wind which caused many people not to want to come out of their houses, but God still moved.

I preached the second night and the Spirit of God came. The Spirit moved and people were healed delivered and slain left, right and centre. Just like the Bible says. Amen.

Lindy-Ann - mannenberg

Lindy-Ann preaching at the Manenberg Crusade April 6.

More It’s Time interviews
The next week I was off to Bloemfontein to interview some people. Just me and a media guy and a relentless reliance on God to open doors.

We got some amazing interviews with some amazing people about the hand of our amazing God.

You can watch all of these on or the It’s Time SA Facebook page — I have also shared it all onto my wall.

One of my favourites was with a “random” lady we met outside of the airport.

Must watch!

KKNK Jesus tent
Easter weekend I flew down to Oudtshoorn. Famous for the KKNK (Klein Karoo Nationale Kunstefees) over this time. By God’s divine favour they managed to put a 2 000 man tent on a field in the centre of the festival, which had never before been allowed for anything during KKNK. And so the Rec field hosted the Jesus tent.

Lindy-Ann KKNK tent

The Jesus tent at the KKNK where Lindy-Ann had the opportunity to minster.

My last time there the pastor said he had seen a vision of me singing in a tent and the Holy Spirit coming. Another pastor had jumped up to confirm the word. And so there I was with a team. Time to see God do His thing. And He did.

Lindy-Ann - paas posterThere was a little boy named Jerome. He was deaf. His mom said he couldn’t hear you especially if standing behind him from a distance. So I made him stand on the far corner of the stage with his back towards me. I told him to give me a thumbs up when he heard his name. Without the microphone I said his name. The little thumb went into the air. I stepped further away. The little thumb again. Eventually I stood as far away as I could and told him to turn around. The little boy swung around and the crowd went wild!

Jesus! These signs and wonders will follow those who believe Mark 16:17. Do you believe?

Lindy-Ann - KKNK 2

Lindy-Ann ministering at the Paas Konferensie over the Easter weekend.

It’s Time build up
Back to Bloemfontein. The excitement was rising as people came in from all across the country. I even met a pastor from Brazil who came especially for the event!

Two days before the event we had the privilege of witnessing cyclists ride into Bloemfontein who had cycled all the way from Cape Town — 500km! A prophetic act.

We were asked to film the cyclists and intercessors as they were going to pray at the venue. We stood in front of the stage interceding, prophetically placing a rock with the verse from 2 Chronicles 7:14 and anointing the place. I fell on my knees weeping as the presence of God overcame me. “Gee ons n hart vir ons land” (Give us a heart for our country) was being sung. Oh how I love South Africa.

It’s time finally here
April 22 was finally here! Over a million people is said to have arrived. All seeking the face of the King for this nation we call home. It was astounding. We ran around with a camera praying for the sick.

One amazing praise report was when we went into the Medical Tent. Stretchers everywhere. One girl had a broken foot. We prayed. Pain gone. She stood up to check what God had done and started to cry as she realised she was miraculously touched by God. Her dad, a doctor in the tent, came over saying “you were sent by God”. We took them outside of the tent to share the testimony. She did a cartwheel and her dad sat crying explaining how this could only have been God!

What was really cool was the wind that appeared out of seemingly nowhere. A mini tornado above the crowd which came from the back and stopped right in front of the stage — taking some balloons and a man’s hat up into the air! A sign from God. Our mouths hung open. It was profound!

After the meeting we continued to go around praying for the sick. Miracles became super easy — something had shifted! An open heaven.

At dusk I saw a lady sitting on the side of the road in her camping chair waiting for her husband to fetch her. She was wearing two big black moon boots. I had not seen this type before! The testimony?! You have to watch. Make sure to sign up to my YouTube channel to see it when released. Wow wow wow!!! Her feet were frozen like rock. But God. She took her boot off and wiggled those toes! Her husband couldn’t lift his arms above shoulder height but he too received a touch. Healed!

The aftermath
After that — well I went home exhausted with a big smile. I said to God: I had a different expectation for the event. A book of Acts Holy Spirit outpour … He said. “It was a prayer day. So now you have prayed and now you need to wait for me to move”.

Today as I went for a jog with my best friend, only a few hours before jumping on the plane to leave the country, lightning and thunder struck all around and suddenly an outpouring!

Oh I knew! Can a nation be saved in a day — yes it can!!!

I do not know what you are standing in faith for, but even if you do not yet see it — I want to tell you — you have seen God and that is faith. Believing He is faithful. Hang in there and petition the courts of heaven for His will to be done.

Pray this prayer with me:
Pappa God. We know You are not a man that You should lie. That You are faithful. That You will never leave us nor forsake us. That Your arm is not too short to save. We know it was Your idea to save the world. For You so loved the world that You gave Your only Son! Lord help me to believe in the finished work of the cross. Give me faith to move mountains! Deliver me of unbelief. I want to see Your kingdom come here on earth as it is in heaven. Here I am lord. Send me.

From all at Lindy-Ann Beautiful Witness Ministries Bless you and may His face shine upon you!

Arise and shine beautiful one.
It’s time!!!!

Lots of love and fire

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Your prayers are greatly appreciated.

Beautiful Witness

God is alive and awakening His bride — Lindy-Ann Hopley


A monthly column bringing you frontline testimonies of what God is stirring up across the globe. By international revivalist Lindy-Ann Hopley, Beautiful Witness Ministries.

Daily God seems to get bigger and better! At least in my mind! Oh what a wonderful King we serve! It is my honour to share what He has done since I last wrote. God is alive!

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Last time we “spoke” it was about just a few things I saw God doing whilst in India and Dubai on Tour.

And that is where I will take off…

February 5 at 6am my flight arrived from Dubai at OR Tambo airport in Johannesburg, South Africa. I was picked up by a dear friend Nadia and off we went to Alberton where I was scheduled to do the kids church at 9am and then a healing meeting at 7pm that evening! Glory!

God never gets tired. When they asked Jesus in Matthew about resting and the Sabbath he said that His dad never rests and neither does He. There are many scriptures in the Bible about the value of rest, but Matthew was the scripture for me that day!

And how wonderful a day it was! I do not think I have experienced God like this before — it was incredible.

I have never seen an outpouring on children as I did this day. The room was thick with anticipation and hunger. The kids were anywhere from about 7 (some looked more like 4 to me) and 14. Then there were the Kid’s Church Leaders — they had prayed and prayed for this event.

Words cannot really describe what happened, but I will try my best.

The funny thing is I messaged my friend who is a guru at Kid’s Ministry to ask for advice but she did not get back to me in time.

Jesus is the best teacher. I was myself but more animated as I shared my testimony with the kids. When I asked who wanted to accept Jesus — all the hands went up — including the older teenagers. Some stood weeping. This was not just an intellectual meeting, but an encounter with their living God!

Then I explained to them that when Jesus left He sent us a gift — the Holy Spirit and He wants us to be completely immersed in Him. Like a rusk that goes in the coffee, but he talks of baptizing us in Spirit and fire. I explained that the word baptism actually means “immerse” and so also he wants to dunk us all the way! So the kids put out their hands in front of them as if to receive a gift and pray “God baptise me with your Holy Spirit”. And that was exactly what He did.

Honestly I have never ever seen an outpouring like this before with children. I have only heard stories from revivals. Small children not even fully able to grasp what is going on in their minds — starting to weep from their bellies so much so that they started shaking. Like it says in the book of Acts — all was filled with the Holy Spirit. So it was this day. Every child was touched by the Father’s love and lay weeping as the Spirit overwhelmed them.

Afterwards I asked children what they experienced. Many said the love of God. Some saw angels. Some saw Jesus walking in the room. A few children were taken to heaven by God. One of the older boys testified that evening how he saw his dad in heaven working on a car in a garage. He started to weep so much that he could not continue his story. His mother came up out of the crowd to help. She told how the boy’s dad had died two years ago and he used to work on cars in garages. It was such a beautiful moment.

There is no junior Holy Spirit.

Lindy-Ann Healing poster

We had some great ribs at Spur for lunch, a rest and off to church for the Healing Service.

The evening was phenomenal! Jehovah Rafa came in full splendour. Keep an eye on my YouTube Channel for the full video — coming soon.

The evening started with me asking if anyone had back pain. About 40 people put their hands up. When I asked who at the church had not yet seen a miracle before – the majority of the hands went up. I asked them to come forward. They were now my prayer team! I took one man on stage who knew that his one leg was longer than the other. 3 centimetres. He had terrible back problems. I had a young man pray for him. He just laid his hand on the shorter leg as I instructed him and the leg started to grow without anyone saying anything! The young man burst into tears as he witnessed the legs coming to equal length.

“DAD!” What a beautiful moment. I had no idea it was his son. His back pain was gone. Healed.

“Ok church you saw how we did it — go for it!”

People were cheering, crying, touching their toes, praising God, clapping and so on. One by one people came onto the platform and we heard the testimonies of healing. One man even had his neck brace in his hand — healed! People were showing us how they can do things now they could not do before — moving and jumping and more! It was glorious.

That was just the beginning! Deaf ears were opening, arthritis healed, you name it — it was healed!

Then came Herbert. Herbert fell on his head 12 years ago and was paralysed, wheelchair bound and brain damage. When I asked him something — I could not make out a single word — his sister had to tell me what he was trying to say. I started to pray. Watch what happened! It is a bit long, but you want to watch it all!

Watch the video clip below:

There was also a man with a walker. He had not been able to walk without it for 3 years! I prayed, grabbed the walker and off he went! His wife came forward in tears. God touched him.

A lady came forward with a three and a half cm sized tumour in her breast. Cancer. We prayed. It shrank. About 1cm she said. We prayed some more. Gone!!! There was not a dry eye in the house! How big is our God! Please pray with us for her full recovery, as she is still contending for a complete cancer free body.

Every person I know of that was there in need of healing received breakthrough. Miracles are a love language of God! The amazing thing about a miracle is that it does not only affect the person being healed, but also their families, their work colleagues and so on!

Not a single person who was there that night will ever be the same again.

I know I won’t be.

I had the privilege of attending and serving as an usher at the Kingdom Come Conference with Bill Johnson also in JHB. I love how God is using them. A big thing for our country I believe.

Sunday I was back at my home church to preach. Journey of Grace

I shared a bit about India and Dubai, but burst out into tears when I spoke of the man who got out of the wheelchair and that no matter what our previous perceptions have been of God — He truly is good and that He is calling us back to our first love. Oh the air was filled with the One who created it! People were touched and many repented and turned to God. Salvations, healing, and deliverance. A powerful time.

Four days later I was off to Europe

Lindy-Ann Europe pst poster

First stop was a conference in Germany where I was invited to be the speaker of “How to receive your miracle”. It was at a Baptist church. The pastor had heard about the weight loss miracle that happened when I was at another church the year before and for some reason he decided to invite me to his church which has not been exposed to miracles at all really. And oh how fun it was!

I called out problems with ears and this dad signalled to his little girl sitting on his lap. I prayed one prayer over all who were in need of a breakthrough. Because they did not stand up with the rest of the people — I forgot about them. But as I continued to talk I noticed a commotion at the back of the room. The dad was saying something to his neighbour whilst the little girl had her hands on her ears with a very upset face. The sound was too loud for her. God healed her ears!

From there I went to a town called Langenegg in West of Austria to preach at CIA in the morning and at Lakelights back in Germany in the evening. From there I went back to Austria where I relaxed for a week at Haus Immanuel with my good friends Gabi and Werner. They organised for me to go snow skiing — you can watch this video on my YouTube channel — fun! I ate a lot, slept a lot and made little video clips on a new app I discovered. Great.

And so I travelled around watching God do His thing. I visited the Augsburg Prayer House — 24/7 prayer takes place here. Hallelujah! I was asked to pray over the pornography scene in Europe — something huge happened in my heart in that moment. I could feel the power and anointing whilst praying over the mic. Afterwards I dropped to the floor weeping. Such a thankfulness came over me of my salvation, as I remembered my dream as a little girl — to be a porn star when I grow up. Someone that was adored. And look at what the Lord has done. Great things. For those who do not know my story — I promise you now — if God can use me — He can use you! He is just looking for someone to say “Yes!”

From there I preached at a friend’s Housegroup where I got to meet one of the founders of Global Outreach Day.

And then the next night in Lorsch — where the pianist fell off his chair once again under the weighty glory of God.

Then at a house church the next night — it was powerful! My lovely host took me to the hot baths the next day — thank you Jesus!

The next night, my last night in Europe, I had the awesome privilege to meet legendary man of God Andreas Hermann. Mr Hermann has a large flourishing church in Germany and once a month holds a healing service where many miracles take place. A large amount of people who come there are New Age and get saved — come on! Before I knew it I was sitting in his office until midnight talking about the King and healing ministry.

Lindy-Ann and Adreas

Next day — Home.

My feet hit the ground running with Theresa Dedmon and her team that came to SA. Was fun to chauffeur one of my spiritual mommas during my time at Bethel around here in Cape Town.

I was interviewed by her at a beautiful home in Stellenbosch. Watch it here!

I randomly got this message on facebook “Ek’s Hanneke ek will you brag ontmoet…” which led to me speaking at Oudtshoorn of all places! Friday through Sunday morning. I cannot tell you how much joy it brings me when people experience God tangibly for the first time. I had grey haired people messaging me afterwards on Facebook telling me they have never in their life experienced God until that day! One lady messaged me that she had asked God for her the gift of tongues for a very long time and she finally got it when I prayed for her. It was amazing! Miracles was the norm of the services.

Lindy-Ann Oudtshoorn poster

One testimony from Friday night

Sunday morning

I then jumped in my car and off I went back to Cape Town where I was speaking that night! And how faithful God is. He is always excited to love on His children.

Lindy-Ann powerhouse poster

One of the testimonies from the evening.

Please keep me in prayer as I minister at different events this coming month. Two women’s meetings this week. Very exciting is the Manenberg Crusade April 5 to 6 — why not join us? I will be speaking on the Thursday evening. We are trusting for a massive harvest to come in!!!

Then I will be speaking in Oudtshoorn at a tent meeting “Paaskonferensie”, I am also involved in the Bloemfontein “It’s Time” event April 22. And more!

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Lindy-Ann USA posterIs it not simply amazing what God can do through one person?! What if you simply believed what God has said about you and that Christ in you is the hope of glory and that all — yes that includes you — who believe these signs and wonders will follow them?!

Just today I received a call from Hanneke from Oudtshoorn testifying how she received boldness after I had prayed for her and led someone to Jesus that Sunday night after praying for her!

All things are possible.

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There is some very exciting things to be released soon — keep checking for updates!

Lindy-Ann franceCome with to the south of France!!! May 24-28. Apply today! Check out “Love Lourdes 2017” on my website and sign up to join me and people from all over the South of France to pray for the pilgrims that come there for healing!

I hope you were blessed and that the fire of His love gets you! Wake up oh sleeper it is time!!!

Lindy-Ann Europe tour poster

From farmers to faith-walking discipleship trainers

Walk by faith - Reino and Ilze

Ilze and Reino Esterhuyse

Reino and Ilze Esterhuyse have travelled a long road both physically and spiritually since they emigrated from South Africa, moved to New Zealand, became dairy farmers, and now provide disciple training for followers of Jesus.

“After leaving South Africa and settling in New Zealand nine years ago we started dairy farming and were working 90 hours a week,” explains Reino.

‘The Last Reformation’ — From Christians to disciples of Jesus

Kickstarted into bold discipleship for Jesus

“Although we loved the Lord, God had been showing us things in our lives that were not pleasing to Him.

“Our work and careers had taken over our lives with little time left for God or each other — we were serving money.”

Committed to giving everything to God
Ilze says when God changed their lives and saved their marriage in 2015 they committed to giving everything to Him.

They discovered the online teachings of Torben Sondergaard’s Pioneer Training School and completed all of the lessons.

“The Pioneer Training School programme made a big impression on us, because we saw that we could go out and do God’s work, we didn’t need a special anointing or platform in a Church to do it.

“When we learned there would be a follow-up training school we signed-up for it and left dairy farming behind,” says Ilze.

After completing the follow-up training, the couple stayed on in Denmark for an extra month at the school after which they had the opportunity to run training programmes themselves.

God will provide
Walking in faith was initially a big adjustment for Reino and Ilze. Although they knew from scriptures that God would provide, they did not know what that meant practically.

“Our work and careers had taken over our lives with little time left for God or each other — we were serving money.” — Reino Esterhuyse

“When we stopped farming we made a commitment to devote the first year to God and live by faith, but it has been such a blessing for us to see how God supplies and provides that we have relied on God’s provision for two years now,” says Reino.

“We found that when we stepped out in faith He met us in the harvest — it is supernatural to see how God provides and meets our needs in all areas, which applies to anyone who says yes to God and walks in faith and obedience.

“Now, we work alongside Torben helping to set-up and run Jesus-discipleship schools, do administration and run Kickstart seminars equipping the saints,” explains Reino.

God’s provision illustrated
Ilze gives an example of a series of events that illustrate God’s provision, which took place when they were undergoing training with Torben in Denmark at The Jesus Hotel.

They had asked God what it looked like to work for Him and rely on Him for all their provision, because they had given everything up and wanted to work for Him and live in faith.

“There was a Dutch couple that were newly married and had very little finances doing the training with us. The Lord laid it on our hearts to bless them with R400”.

“Although we had the money in the bank we did not have a way of withdrawing the money. I prayed to God asking Him for a way to get the money to them.

“A couple of hours later a lady that I didn’t know approached me with an envelope and said to me; ‘God told me to give you this’.

“When I opened the envelope there was R400 inside, so we put it under the newly-wed Dutch couple’s door.

“The next morning we had a teaching during which Torben talked about the life of Joseph and how his brothers threw him in a pit. He told us that the word pit could also be an acronym for ‘preachers in training’.

I will provide the plaster
“After the lesson we all headed into the city to evangelise. However, I had new shoes and developed a blister, so I couldn’t walk and needed a plaster, but I heard God say, ‘I will provide the plaster’.

“I told Reino and approached a woman to ask her for a plaster, but she didn’t understand English, so I thought maybe I was mistaken and it was just my imagination that God spoke to me.

“I went into a department store and asked a lady that was serving behind a counter where I could buy plasters. She opened a drawer and took out a handful of plasters asking how many I wanted.

“I said I would take two and asked how much I owed her.

“She said. ‘No, they are free’!

“I felt so blessed and I felt God saying, ‘I will provide your physical needs’.

“We got so excited and were inspired to evangelise, but as we walked out the shop another lady walked up to us and offered us a container of pasta salads each. She said they had just had an event and the salads were leftover.

Walk by faith Ilze preaching to farm workers

Ilze sharing the Gospel with farm workers and their children.

I will feed you
“We each took a pasta salad and felt God saying, ‘I will feed you’.

“Walking on we met a group of young people and asked if anyone had pain. Although one in the group was healed from a headache after we prayed for him, they were not really open to the gospel, but mentioned that they were hungry and had no money.

“We asked if they would like the pasta salads and they were really excited, so we blessed them with the food and they left.

“As we walked away we felt God say, ‘I will provide that which you need to give away’.

“We headed back to The Jesus Hotel on fire about being led by the Holy Spirit and being provided for.

Pit Stop
“As we walked up the street Reino noticed that one of the shops was called Pit Stop, so Reino said, ‘look, preacher in training stop’, it was like the Holy Spirit telling us to stop.

“We found that when we stepped out in faith He met us in the harvest — it is supernatural to see how God provides and meets our needs in all areas, which applies to anyone who says yes to God and walks in faith and obedience.” — Reino Esterhuyse

“We crossed the road heading to the shop and there was a punk walking down the street towards us wearing leathers with spiky hair dyed different colours; a worldly kind of boy, but we knew we had to stop and evangelise him, so we asked him if he had any pain.

“He was quite confused and intrigued. We explained about the teaching we had received that morning about Joseph and the pit, how we had seen the “Pit-stop” sign, and how we believed God told us to stop and talk with him.

“He just broke down and told us his life story, including the fact that he had only one plan left and if that didn’t work he intended to commit suicide.

“We prayed for him and asked him to join us for lunch the next day at The Jesus Hotel,” says Ilze.

In the meantime the newly-wed Dutch couple had also found a young person on the street who was a heroin addict and whom they had preached the gospel to. He was baptised, immediately set free from his drug addiction without any side effects, and had gone back to The Jesus Hotel with them.

“The next day the young punk came to the hotel having walked for four hours carrying a 40kg backpack.

He said, ‘I have no idea what you have done to me, but last night for the first time in years I slept without nightmares and I woke up with hope, so I knew I had to come here’.

Testifying what God had done
“It was so beautiful, many people that had been evangelised on the streets were at the hotel and all came together to testify what God had done for them and ministered to the young punk and shared the gospel with him.

“I decided to run to the pizza shop to buy some pizza to add to the existing lunch, because we had more people than expected, but when I got to the pizza shop they wouldn’t accept a foreign bank card, so I was in the same position again, I needed cash.

“I ran back to the hotel and the first people I met were the Dutch couple and the ex-heroin addict. I asked if any of them had money for me to buy the pizzas, which I would return.

“The ex-heroin addict gave me R400. I bought the pizzas and we all enjoyed lunch, after which we had an amazing time of sharing and ministering.

Series of events comes full circle
“A week later we were on our way to Holland to present a Kickstart seminar. The newly-wed Dutch couple travelled with us and during conversation told us of how when they found the young heroin addict on the street they prayed and asked God to provide them with something to give him as they had no money.

“When they opened their hotel-room they found an envelope with the R400 — the envelope that unbeknown to them we had pushed under their door, which they gave to the young, ex-heroin addict.

“He then completed God’s circle of provision by giving it to me to pay for the pizzas — the very same R400 that we had received to bless the young Dutch couple with finally returned to us to pay for the pizzas.

“That was the start of God showing us how he would provide for us, which would glorify His name.

“God is faithful,” says Ilze.

Walk by faith Reino baptising

Reino helping baptise a man at the recent Kickstart seminar in Cape Town.

Drawing people to Jesus
Reino is quick to add that as liberating as it is to walk in faith and witness healing and miracles, it is all for the purpose of the gospel and drawing people to Jesus for salvation.

“He is the healer and He will use anyone that says ‘Yes’ to Him, steps out in faith and obeys Him. You don’t need any special anointing or to be in a special position or to have a special qualification, you just have to be obedient.

“That is liberating; knowing that if you have repented and you are baptised and you are filled with the Holy Spirit, not only can you walk in the spirit, but it is expected of you, for Jesus commissioned us to heal, preach the gospel, make disciples, and baptise them.

“It is liberating to know that God works through us.”

As liberating as it is to walk in faith and witness healing and miracles, it is all for the purpose of the gospel and drawing people to Jesus for salvation.

Today, Reino and Ilze spend much of their time travelling wherever God guides them to hold Kickstart seminars during which time they disciple Christians to step out and make disciples of Jesus themselves.”

Recent Kickstart seminar in Cape Town
This trip back to South Africa to help set-up and run the recent Kickstart seminar in Cape Town was the first time they have been back in the country for nine years.

“It was such a good experience for us, because we find the people in Africa and South Africa so open to evangelism. We have seen more people on the streets being healed and filled with the Holy Spirit than we have ever seen.

“The Kickstart weekend was amazing, we saw many transformations, which was not surprising, because the people who attend the Kickstart seminars are hungry to be equipped and learn from others.

“We have already heard many testimonies from those who attended the Kickstart weekend of how their lives have been transformed, how they are already actively reaching out and sharing the gospel, praying for the sick, and making disciples for Jesus, which is wonderful to hear, because they have never done it before and it’s a measure of the fruit of the Kickstart seminar,” says Reino.

Reino and Ilze hope to set-up a Pioneer Training School in South Africa in the near future.

Kickstarted into bold discipleship for Jesus

Kickstart Duyane and Coreen

Coreen and Dwayne Duvenhage

Although Dwayne Duvenhage had already been a Christian for 10 years, it was only when he attended “The Last Reformation” Kickstart seminar two weeks ago that he finally understood for how little of that time he had been a disciple of Christ or a Christian who actively carries out Jesus’ great commission and walks in His example.

“I used to go out partying, drinking and sleeping around, but still called myself a Christian and still prayed once-in-a-while.

“Only in the last year has God shaken me out of compromising with the world’s ways,” says Dwayne.

God’s hand at work
He believes his attendance at the Kickstart seminar was a result of God’s hand at work.

‘The Last Reformation’ — From Christians to disciples of Jesus

From farmers to faith-walking discipleship trainers

“A week prior to the Kickstart seminar I asked God, ‘Where do I go to from here?’ because I felt there is so much more to Christianity compared to what I had learned in Church,” says Dwayne.

“However, it was as if God said, ‘Relax, things will work out as they should’, and then I saw a video on You Tube, Rise on Fire, about keeping the commandments of God, the faith of Jesus and walking in His ways, which was posted by PD van der Westhuizen from Johannesburg.

“Watching Rise on Fire, I was excited, because PD was saying all the things that I had been thinking. I had a strong urge to contact him, so I sent a message to which he replied the next morning.

“For some reason I asked PD if he was coming to Cape Town soon. He said yes, he was coming that weekend to attend The Last Reformation Kickstart seminar, which he encouraged me to attend.

“I went to The Last Reformation website and watched The Last Reformation film. I immediately felt it was what I was looking for and knew I had to attend the seminar.

“Although it ended-up that PD couldn’t attend the Kickstart seminar, I believe God used him to guide me there.

Kickstart Duyane sharing the gospel

Dwayne (right) sharing the gospel at the Kickstart seminar with Torben Sondergaard (left).

Something big is going to happen
“It’s really quite amazing, because two weeks prior I had told my wife, Coreen, that something big was going to happen, but I didn’t know what it was.”

Dwayne and Coreen both took time off from work to attend the Kickstart seminar.

“It was such an amazing experience being shown how to pray for people, cast out demons and heal the sick in the authority of Jesus.

“Torben took us out into the streets and encouraged us to pray for people. He said, ‘Keep it simple, keep it short and have confidence, remember you are filled with the Holy Spirit and God does the healing’.

“We met a person in the street who said he had so much pain in his finger that he could barely touch it and couldn’t bend it, and it had been like that for months.

“After we prayed for him he looked at me … he looked at his finger, he bent it, pressed it … and said, ‘There’s no pain’!

“At first I found it hard to believe, but immediately there was another person who complained of severe headaches. I placed my hands on him, prayed and he said, ‘The pain has gone away’.”

Watch a clip of some of Dwayne’s experiences at Kickstart below:

Dwayne says going out into the streets and practicing what he had learned helped him overcome the fear of approaching people and praying for them.

He says being prayed for at the Kickstart seminar was also a blessing.

“Torben prayed for the Holy Spirit’s anointing for me, which was wonderful, because about four weeks prior to the Kickstart seminar I had this sensation in my mouth as if it was vibrating and I heard the Lord saying you are going to speak in tongues, but I denied it as I was sitting next to a colleague at work and felt embarrassed.

“When Torben prayed for me I got that same sensation, my mouth felt as if it was vibrating, I broke down in tears and started speaking in tongues. I just knew that God wanted it for me.”

Significance of baptism in water
Dwayne says another blessing was to be taught the significance of baptism in water and then being baptised anew in the awareness of the relationship between baptism and repentance, forgiveness of sins, dying to the world and rising again into a new life and putting on the risen Jesus Christ in faith.

“My mindset when I was baptised previously wasn’t right. I thought that I had to be baptised simply so that my soul could be saved, but there was no recognition of repentance and rebirth in Christ.

“I also had the opportunity to baptise my wife at the Kickstart seminar, which was beautiful, because she was previously baptised when she was very young without an understanding of its importance — it was special to be able to baptise Coreen.

“After baptising my wife, I baptised a young boy, who immediately started speaking in tongues, and a lady who was set free from things she said the devil had been holding onto in her life. Then while we were praying for her she burst out speaking in tongues and was so joyful, it was really beautiful.”

One of the most important developments to come out of the Kickstart seminar for Dwayne and Coreen was their marriage.

When they attended the seminar they were unmarried, although they were living together. However, at the seminar they became convicted of being married immediately, even though they planned to be married within two months.

They were married three days after the seminar.

Kickstart Duyane praying 1

Dwayne and Torben praying for a young man over the Kickstart weekend.

Boldness for the Lord
Another development since the Kickstart seminar is Dwayne’s boldness for the Lord.

“For example, at work one day a lady serving tea came in and the Holy Spirit said to me, ‘Pray for her’. Although I started having doubts, I went ahead before the doubts could grow and asked if she had any problems or sickness.

“She looked at me weirdly, so I said, ‘I know that‘s a strange question, but do you have any physical problems’.

“She said, ‘Yes, I have lower back problems and the doctor said I have problems with my kidneys, which give me much pain’.

“I asked whether I could pray for her and she said, ‘Sure’. I laid hands on her and I prayed briefly, ‘In the name of Jesus, pain be gone, kidneys be healed, back be healed’.

“She looked at me … felt her back and said, ‘Wow, it feels much better’, so I said, ‘OK, let’s pray again’.

“After the second prayer she exclaimed, ‘Thank you, Jesus, thank you, Jesus, the pain’s gone’. I told her this is all Jesus, not me. She said, ‘I believe Jesus’.

“The next day I asked her how she was feeling and she told me all the pain was gone, her back was fine and her kidneys were fine.

A praying frenzy
“Because of that experience I went on a praying frenzy. I went into Kraaifontein where I met a person who looked like a gang member, because he had gang-style tattoos.

“He said he had been shot through the leg. I prayed for him and he said the pains were gone. Then he said his ribs were busted, so we prayed for his ribs and again he said they were healed.

“I tried to talk to him about the gospel, but, unfortunately, he didn’t want to turn his life away from sin. However, he did ask for prayer for his family.

“After that I went to a petrol station where I spoke to a petrol attendant who told me he had lower back pain. I prayed for him and he immediately shouted out to another petrol attendant, ‘My back is right, my back is healed’.

“He asked me to pray for his workmate whom he knew also suffered from the same problem. I prayed for him and his back was also healed.

“When I got home I thought I should pray for my wife who has also suffered from back problems: she could not even get out of bed properly in the morning, she had to sort-of slide out of bed, and she couldn’t bend forward.

“I prayed for her back and nothing happened, but something told me to check her leg. I checked her leg and one leg was shorter than the other.

“I prayed for her legs to be the same length and within a few seconds her leg started pushing out in front of my eyes. Coreen said, ‘it feels like someone’s pulling my leg’.

“She stood up and the pain in her back was gone, which was about a week-and-a-half ago, and she has had no back problems since.

Kickstart Duyane praying 2

Dwayne and Torben praying for a car guard at the Kickstart seminar.

Keep focused on Jesus
“From then I have just been praying for people all over. However, there was one person who was blind in one eye whom my prayers did not help, but I know the problem was that I made it about me. I thought to myself, ‘Will I be able to pray and his eye be healed’?

“I made it about me, which both interfered with my faith and took the focus off Jesus,” says Dwayne.

Looking back at the Kickstart seminar, he says what impacted him most was the practical experience and training with other disciples, which helped develop the boldness to minister in the power of God.

Dwayne says what also made a deep impression on him was learning how effective it is to evangelise in the streets; that evangelism does not have to be a special occasion, but should be part of your everyday, normal life.