Bible mission family heading for Western Cape

Chantelle Grobler, 19, gives a Bible to a Swazi girl on the family’s last Bible mission over Christmas last year.

The Grobler family of Despatch are getting ready to do what they love most — taking Bibles to people in remote areas who have a hunger for God’s word.

On Saturday next week (December 19, 2015) Eben and Benita Grobler and their teenage children Chantelle and Ivan will set out for the Western Cape with 300 Bibles for people in Langebaan, Saldanha, Vrendenburg, Paternoster and St Helena Bay.

After experiencing the thrill of giving God’s word to people in mountain villages during their first family Bible mission in Lesotho in April 2014, God laid a ‘Mission 5 000 project’ on their hearts, challenging them to give away 5 000 Bibles.

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“We have successfully distributed 1 600 Bibles in the past 2 years, all the GLORY to God,” says Benita. “We earnestly pray that these Bibles will make an eternal impact on their [the recipients’] lives.”

Last Christmas the family took 500 Bibles to the Siteki community in Swaziland. Despite the rich, fertile countryside the Siteki community is very poor. The people live in mud houses, a lot of children do not have parents, and children walk 5km to get to school. It was not difficult to find homes for all of the Bibles they took to Swaziland, says Benita.

“There were many highlights on the Swaziland mission, but what touched our hearts the deepest was a little boy (aged 10) who stood up and, without hesitating, confessed his love for God. If only we could follow his life to see what he becomes one day.”

Prayed for 10 months
She says the family prayed for 10 months this year for the next Bible mission.

“God showed us the way to the Western Cape. In this period God has sent a few people to us that acknowledge that there is an enormous desire for Bibles in this area. We made contact with the minister in the area and he provided us names of people that we can make contact with. Within minutes we found homes for 300 Bibles in Afrikaans, English and Xhosa.”

Ivan, 14 says: “What I love about our Bible mission trips is to give a Bible to other children that are in need of one. This is the best feeling in the world. Their thankful hearts is the biggest reward.”

Chantelle, 19, says: “For me it will always be a God given miracle that these people who have so little can be so thankful for a Bible. Their trust and belief in God — that He will provide them with a Bible In His time is just so unique. To give to the unfortunate is the best feeling anyone can dream of. I plead every day that God will open up more hearts for people to get involved in spreading the Word for His cause.”

Benita requests prayers for the family mission — that God will prepare them for their visit to the Western Cape and bless their efforts for His purposes. The family also welcomes contributions towards the cost of the 300 Bibles. Anybody wishing to contribute can contact Benita at or 084 587 880.

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  1. jill & hubert stoll

    Well done family! We have done this gifting as well & there is nothing so wonderful
    as seeing their gratitude for their own Bible. Receiving the Word of God is so important for their growth in Jesus. May our Lord bless you, protect you & provide for you as you go.