Jesus take the wheel: Namibia edition: week 12 — Julita Kok

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The 12th and final episode of Julita Kok’s weekly reports on her remarkable road trip with God through Namibia

11 300km in 10,5 weeks. What do I say about a lifechanging experience with God. It is one of those moments where you have such a lot to say, but do not want to say anything at all as it is so personal. And also, you still have to process it all.

But I took you on this journey with me and owe it to you to share my overall experience of it all. Let me start by saying that the first miracle to talk about is my vehicle. Hyundai i20, automatic. No flat tyres, no losing my spoiler, simply nothing happened to this little car on these dirt roads. I sometimes drove in roads and I knew my tyres were going to be cut to pieces, but nothing happened. Stones hitting up under the body — no damage. I asked God to turn this car into a 4×4 and He did. I drove through sand, stones, water and thorns and no damage to this car. But God.

I met so many people. People with stories of their own. I have never met a human being who cannot write a book about their life. Everybody has a story. Everybody!!! And I met people with horrific stories and others with beautiful stories. But all of them could tell about the grace and the goodness of God. All the farmers in Namibia went through a terrible drought. Not one was spared. But they will all tell you about His goodness amidst all of the bad.

What a trip!

I have seen how the rain kept on following me just as God said it would. He kept His promise. But I also saw the rain of the Holy Spirit fall into people’s hearts. I have so many testimonies of people who feel their lives have changed forever. I receive updates from many people who are just on fire for God now and are bringing change to their communities. I have seen people touched by God in ways that I would never have thought possible. And as my eyes witnessed all of this, I was changed. Every single time.

Ouma Geraldine was a highlight. She told me: “I have been waiting for you for 60 years” and I replied that I am not even sixty years old yet. And she said:”Sixty years ago God started showing me things and said when the time
comes, I will reveal the fullness to you and send you someone with a key to help you. That someone is you and it has been 60 years”. This blew me away!!! Not only my part in it. Someone that can wait on a promise from God for 60 years and stay true to the calling!!!! I am at a loss for words. I can only honour and love her.

I have been on more safaris than most people go in a lifetime. All the farmers took me on a game drive and this was simply spectacular. God’s little surprises to just make life sooooo worthwhile. Seeing His creation in action in all its splendour — totally overwhelming. Sunsets over the Kalahari like nowhere else in the world; the dunes in their majesty towering for miles and miles; the wildlife and the grasses of Namibia take your breath away and then the expanse of the universe at night!!! At most places I could stretch out my hand and touch it, but in the Etosha pan — I have no words!!! I could not only touch it; I felt I was part of it!! Inside of it!!! It was breathtakingly beautiful!! With the roar of the lions in the background. I had the fullness of Africa at my feet and God overlooking all of it with absolute satisfaction. He created something spectacular!!!

I am so in awe of this amazing God!!! I kept on asking Him!!! Who are You Lord?! And I did not mean the obvious!! He just kept on surprising me and I felt that I was on a journey of discovering HIM more than anything else.

The people of Namibia said I brought them hope and I brought their joy back. And with that faith came back again. After a drought of eight years, those things fade away if you let them. And if this is what I did as an instrument in God’s hand, then I am grateful. The people of Namibia and their country, touched my heart in many different ways. I made new friends for life; I have new prayer partners; I now have more brothers and sisters in Christ and this makes me a wealthy woman.

God took care of my every need. 11 300km!!! You can imagine the expenses, but I had no lack.

I was so well provided for and so well taken care of. I felt like royalty. And not because of where I slept. Not all my stopovers were 5-star!! But the love and the sharing that they had with me. I was treated like royalty everywhere I went. And that was magnificent!!! It humbled me that people viewed me as a servant of the most High God!!! And treated me as such. Sjoe! Makes me feel so small.

And I learned things about myself. I recognised good qualities and places where I have grown in my life and I recognised my shortcomings. And how God came and still used me. We worked together and I was very much aware of Him working through me. And this is a strange thing. Sometimes I was a spectator at my own event; listening to myself and knowing that I did not know this “thing” I am talking about. Knowledge that I did not know I possessed. But I also knew that it was Him.

I always say this and I will probably say this till the end of days: His love for people — ALL PEOPLE — that is the thing that changes me the most. I never meet only “good” people. I meet many unsaved and just people who have done terrible things in their lives!! Just terrible!! But oh man!!!! How He loves them and when He pours out His love for them in my heart!!!! How can I ever be the same again?? How can I look at people through my eyes again?? I cannot!! I simply cannot!! I see them as people He loves so much, He gave His life for them!! When Jesus walks into a room, something happens!! And when His Spirit — the Spirit of Truth comes to teach, everybody understands!!!

I can never be the same again after experiencing His love for people and for me. I felt so safe and so taken care of. No man has ever made me feel this way and I say this with great respect. But I am just so taken care of when I am in Him. Safe and sound.

God told Namibia: “Be still and KNOW that I am God”!! This too, is no longer just Scripture to me — it is a knowing on the inside of me that no one can take away from me. I experienced many supernatural things on this trip, but His love overpowers them all. He is God!!! He is God!!!

I want to end now, otherwise I will just keep on about the marvellous things of the Lover of my soul, but I want to say one more thing. There is a little song that captures it all for me. Let me share!!

So what have I learned during this trip that I did not know before? I recognised that I believed many things with my mind, but now I know in my heart and that changes everything. Christ within me is the most powerful statement ever. I always knew and believed it, but now it lives in my heart more than ever before. We are one and that is God’s truth!! In Him I live and move and have my being!!! It has new meaning to me!! It is no longer a Scripture, it is a lifestyle!!

“How big is God!!! How big and wide His vast domain. To begin to tell, these lips can only try! He’s big enough to rule this mighty universe, yet small enough to dwell within my heart”

I love Him.

Thank you for joining me yet again on a trip where Jesus takes the wheel. I know there is going to be a next one, but He will have to say when and where. Feel welcome to join my FB page Julita Explores where I share my pictures and places I visit. What a spectacular world we live in and what a magnificent God we serve.

From my house to yours: may God bless and keep you and go before you always!!

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