Karl Marx and Satanism

Questions raised about modern communism

I have just returned from a ministry trip in Estonia, a small country that was once part of the Soviet bloc. We have been visiting this country for many years and at every occasion we have been seeing the hand of the Lord on the meetings we hold there. The problem is that the number of Christians in that whole country are about the number who recently attended the Karoo Mighty Men Conference in Middleburg. This country with a population of 1.3 million has only 1 percent Christian penetration.

Many of its citizens are proud of their country being known as the most irreligious country in the world. Church buildings have been turned into cultural centres and when I walk through the capital city I see more strip clubs and liquor establishments than I do functioning churches. Members of the active Christian community, which consists largely of elderly people, are passionate about God and they come to our meetings wherever we minister in that country.

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When we went for lunch one Sunday afternoon and to celebrate with one brother whose birthday it was, I asked if he had any English books amongst his collection of Christian titles. He only had two books that were in English and my eyes immediately fell on one that was titled, Marx and Satan. This book is written by Richard Wurmbrand and in it he shows that Karl Marx, the father of the communist ideology was a Satanist.

The author makes this claim based on Marx’s own writings and the testimonies of those who interacted with him. I was intrigued by this book and the many things it revealed. For instance the author quotes one of Marx’s poems to prove the point that his issue was with God and not religion. I quote from the book, “I wish to avenge myself against the One who rules above” – So he was convinced that there in One who rules above, but was quarrelling with Him” (5:1989)

This book was published in 1986 and was so well received in the communist world it ended up being translated into Russian, Chinese, Romanian, German, Slovak, and other languages. The author reveals that Karl Marx’s social activism and concern for the poor was a façade. He shows him to be someone who couldn’t cared less for the wellbeing of others except his own. He had a dysfunctional family and his youngest daughter committed suicide after discovering that her romantic partner had secretly married somebody else.

The reason why I make mention of this book is because of the closed nature of communist countries to the gospel. If communism was just an economic ideology why is it so antagonistic to Christianity? It is not like the Christian faith promotes crass materialism and selfishness.The Bible says it is more blessed to give than to receive and the Bible has a social and a wealth distribution plan bar none. Is communism a satanic ideology because only the devil stands to gain in people not knowing God?

If communism is satanic and Karl Marx was truly a devil worshipper, what does this say of present day communists and those who are disciples of Marxism? There are many Christians who are also followers of Karl Marx and consider some of his ideas to be closely aligned to those of Christ. There is a Karl Marx drama that Wurmbrand makes mention of in his book. It is called Oulanem and Wurmbrand believes its name is an inversion and an anagram of Emmanuel, Jesus’ Biblical name.

Inverting the Bible and the truth of God is one of practices that Satanist engage in. A disturbing excerpt from this drama reads: “See this world? The Prince of darkness sold it to me.” We know that the prince of darkness is a reference to the devil. You may think the connection I am trying to establish here is too much but perhaps you should get hold of the book and read it yourself. The reality is that even today the most dangerous place for Christians is in communist countries and that cannot be a coincidence.

It is true that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against unseen spiritual forces. Communism will fall and people who live under its veil will see the light of God.


  1. Gradus Teseling

    Morning Afrika! Thanks for speaking the truth in boldness!

    In essence communism is a form of enslavement of the people to the policies of the state. It has the appearance of setting the people free, but in reality they always end up in a worse state than before the so-called “freedom fight”. We see the same pattern in the recent “Arab Spring” exercises.

    The collective describing all these actions is rebellion agains the Creator of heaven and the heaven of the heavens (Neh 9:6), humanities only True Father through Jesus. The 9th chapter of Nehemia describes the repetitive process of rebellion that leads to enslavement of all sorts, Israel being the prime example. (I read it this morning, so your message came as a precious confirmation to me of what our Father told me this morning!)

    Thus, your reference to such a book and its angle on Communism and its connection to the father of rebels, the devil, should not come as a surprise.

    I recently read a commentary where the writer said: “History proves that people do not learn from history!” Sad but true!

    Nevertheless, our God is a mercyful God (forgiving past mistakes through the blood of Jesus), with His eye on the future, a future toward which He is preparing an eternal, non- rebelious Bride for our beloved Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.

    True freedom can only be found in doing God’s will, believing in the redemption through Jesus and living through the power of the Holy Spirit under our Father’s instructions.

    All praise to Him forever!!

    • You are right Gradus, communism has actually done more damage to mankind. It pacifies people and causes the state to think for them. People are just the subject and property of the state. It projects itself as their liberators only to subject them to further bondage. China and North Korea are typical modern day examples of that.

  2. Economics is very interesting and love it! I had always bn intrigued by Karl MarX at one point he was called Father of Economics..this is very interesting to note that the devil has long attacked the mountain of education…Even the economic principle that states that there is a scarcity of resources among people,thereforethe problem is people aiming to satisfy unlimited needs with limited resources.like there is not enough piece of pizza for everyone!! That I used to challenge and be bothered because the Kingdom Principle is that God is a God of abundance called EL Shaddai+that the Lord has more than enough for all..So yes,most economists of old challenged even the existence of a Sovereign God..Thanks Pastor Afrika,this needs us researching+praying more for the mountain of Education and true economists to arise and bring real development strategies for all(the weak,the poor and others)

    • This is an interesting angle to are taking on this issue Ziyanda. The mountain of education. I suppose if the devil can poison what we are consuming then he can affect what we are producing. They say gabbage in – gabbage out. And to think we have spent years imbibing lies as though they were truth. There is no philosophy or way of thinking that can be true unless it is born from heaven. Blessings

  3. Thanks for this Afrika, I always enjoy reading your thought provoking and challenging articles. I believe it is also useful to note that the aspirations for communism always takes root among those who are suffering the tyranny of a dictatorship, usually a dictatorship which is conservative and right wing (although not always) and which deceptively hides under the democracy and capitalism banner. If we remember that, we will protect ourselves from further deception by not “being tossed back and forth by the waves…..and by the cunning and craftiness of men in their deceitful scheming”. The eschatology fanatics are only talking about the ‘big one’, but we will also do well to remember that 1John2:18 talks of many antichrists. Theology scholars tell us that the Greek word for antichrist means ‘in place of’ rather than ‘against’, but we all agree that it comes to the same thing. When reading about Jesus’ interaction with the devil in the wilderness, it becomes very clear that the devil’s devious plan is to replace the present and coming Kingdom of God with his own, and will even use scriptures and Biblical principals to achieve it. So how do we know the difference ? We have the Holy Spirit and the entirety of God’s Word to guide us through these treacherous times, but when still in doubt, I test it through the filter – “the end result justifies the means to that end”, because that’s exactly how the devil tried to persuade Jesus. Richard Wurmbrand is correct, communism is satanism, or an antichrist, and there are more, much more. Classical satanism as we know it was only ever meant as a red herring, a ploy by the devil to deceive us about deception itself.

    • Thanks Barry for you input. You are right about deception. It is the enemy’s most potent asernal. The point about the devil deceiving us about deception itself is powerful. Indeed many people are being deceived today while they claim to be careful of deception. I am warry of eschatology fanatics who tell us of some revelation or the other that is based on some obscure way of interpreting the Scriptures.
      Everyone claims their way is the best and even communists make this claim but alas theirs is a antithesis of God’s kingdom.

  4. Ntsikelelo Limba

    The essence of communist struggle is the attainment of a classless society and once that has been attained, state will cease to exist because the state is viewed by communists as the product of the irreconcilability of class antagonisms. In other words, the existence of class antagonisms neccecitated the development of the state. Therefore the state is an instrument of the ruling class. So if ever there was abuse of the populace by any state anywhere in the world, it certainly was not what Marx sought to advance….

    • I hear your point Ntsikelelo and it could be valid but the devil is in the detail, as they say. The issue is not just what communism sought to advance but what it ended up advancing. It has brought destruction in the world and Wurmbrand shows that this was actually the hidden agenda all along. Thank you

  5. Thanks Afrika, for a well written article. I also enjoyed your teachings in Middleburg by the way. I would like to add that I strongly believe that the sole purpose of Satan is to keep our eyes turned from God and as such, being the master of lies and he deceipt, will use every means available to achieve this. Satan’s greatest weapon is our own arrogance and ego which he subtly manipulates to get us to follow all kinds of beliefs that convenience us, entertain us,soothes us, serves to feed our egos and also because it makes sense to us and may even empower and enrich us. In this way people are deceived.God’s word is very simple to understand although He Himself is so awesome and beyond our human capacity to ever understand. I can quite believe that Marx had a problem with God and therefore communism as did Darwin and therefore the theory of evolution. I do not believe one can be a communist as well as a true believer and neither can one follow Darwins teachings and believe in God. The most dangerous subtlety promoted by Satan is the subtle art of compromise. Someone once wrote on an online forum that anyone who believed the entire Bible literally was in big trouble. I responded to him that anyone who did not believe the entire Bible literally was the one in trouble because who would we be able to believe on which part was true and which was not. As I said, for me it is simple. I just believe. Thanks again Afrika. You have taught me something I did not know before. I think I am going to read that book.

    • You are right Stuart that being selective regarding the Bible is a dangerous place to be in. How do you decide which passages are true and which are not?
      Rejecting any part of Scripture is an indication that is rebellion in your heart. Even if it is not full-on rebellion but it is there nonetheless.
      We had a great time in Middleburg and I thank God for granting us the opportunity to come together as men.