Korkie still alive, kidnappers agree to reduce ransom

Pierre Korkie
Pierre Korkie

Originally published in Eyewitness News

Relief organisation Gift of the Givers says it has received confirmation from al-Qaeda leaders that kidnapped Bloemfontein teacher Pierre Korkie is still alive.

The group’s leaders are reported to be responding positively to correspondence from parties trying to secure Korkie’s release.

Korkie and his wife Yolande were taken hostage by al-Qaeda militants in May 2013 and she has since been released.

The organisation’s chairperson Imtiaz Sooliman says militant leaders have agreed to reduce the ransom fee.

“Pierre is still alive, they will keep the guarantee. They said if we have the money ready on the figure we talked about, they will guarantee a letter from Pierre and we will even see him live when they do the handover because they will not do the handover without him as proof of life.”


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  1. Let’s not forget to pray for his release, and for the family in their agonising trauma. Thank God and pray for Gift of Givers’ intervention success.