Next ‘old fashioned tent meeting’ in Bloemfontein

Paul Mbongelo opens the old-fashioned tent meeting event in St George’s Park, Port Elizabeth on Saturday. He travelled from Bloemfontein to attend the event inspired by a prophetic word he released in August. He is hosting a tent meeting in Bloemfontein this weekend.

St George’s Park in Port Elizabeth came alive in a beautiful way last Saturday at a Jesus Day in the Park event inspired by a prophetic word that an old-fashioned tent meeting is able to save the nation.

Burn 24/7 teams kept worship music flowing throughout the day, as people of all ages, races and cultures, prayed, worshipped, and listened to messages and testimonies in a picnic atmosphere. A number of people were there for the full eight hours of the meeting and three bridal couples — in the park for wedding photographs — came into the tent for prayer and blessing. Several people made first-time commitments to follow Jesus.

By faith, the organisers of the event, Gateway News and Burn 24/7, believe that God will be faithful to use this and other related events to resolve seemingly insoluble problems in the nation.

The tent meeting word was released in PE first in August and was subsequently taken to the other eight provinces.

Another tent meeting inspired by the prophecy — this time in a township setting — is planned for Saturday (December 22) and Sunday (December 23) in Bloemfontein.

“It will be a serious old-fashioned tent meeting. We have people coming from as far as Cape Town to attend,” said host Paul Mbongelo, a Bloemfontein-based missionary from the DRC, who first released the tent word.

The Bloemfontein event will be in a tent in Turflaagte, on an open space next to St John Church from 4pm to 7pm on Saturday, and from 10pm to 1pm, and 3pm to 6pm, on Sunday.

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  1. May these ol fashioned Tent meetings! Spring up from holy ground and HIS AFRICA RAIN Pour down with Showers of LIFE AND BLESSING throughout the land