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‘Virgin daughter’ reminded why she loves her parents

Originally published in Charisma News How far will a father go for his daughter? Well, one father advertised for a future son-in-law in a Christian magazine, telling suitors she is “godly, gorgeous, athletic, educated, careered, humorous, travelled, bilingual, 26-year-old virgin.” The daughter, Rachel Stewart, says she was tipped off by some “sympathetic women” […]

Watch your flock!

[notice]A fortnightly column on marriage, family and relationships.[/notice] As any responsible South African citizen I have been glued to my screen this last week watching the State of the Nation address in parliament. I am always interested to see what our leadership has outlined as a way forward for the […]

The truth shall set you free!

Church must proclaim Biblical truth to world As I monitor the local and international news networks, I am amazed at the speed at which deception is disseminated through the media. Truth has become the ultimate casualty in the culture war. The once Christian West has departed so far from its […]