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Light on fatherhood and leadership

[notice]A fortnightly column on marriage, family and relationships.[/notice] From November 20 to 22 2014 the International Ministers Fellowship (IMF) held their annual conference for the SADEC region in Pretoria. There were delegates who came from many different parts of the world. The IMF is a living, loving and functional network […]

SA churches invited to screen powerful, pro-family movie in November

In the Month of November 2014, Focus on the Family will be partnering with Churches around the country to screen the movie: Irreplaceable. This feature-length documentary film explores answers to the important questions “What is family?” and “Does family still matter in today’s society?” Tim Sisarich, travels the world on a quest to explore what family really means and why it’s important to humanity. While on […]

Restore the father, restore the family

This past long weekend (14–16 June) South Africa put the focus on two vital groups in society that are currently unappreciated and neglected – with devastating consequences for the nation. The first group are fathers. The flood of secular humanistic ideology in SA’s culture has not only undermined and diminished […]

Daddy come home!

[notice]A fortnightly column on marriage, family and relationships.[/notice] Zane Meas, the CEO and founder of the Fatherhood Foundation, legendary actor and author of Daddy Come Home; actor/producer on the movie Father was one of our guests in the marriage and family television program I co-host with my husband Rest Kanju, […]

Men at the Cross

2014 Ministry Theme “It’s time to ARISE in the LORD”- Isaiah 60  Background                                                                         Men at […]