Voters must choose between God and antichrist says Matomela

Mkhangeli Matomela, Convener of the Kingdom Governance Movement.
Mkhangeli Matomela, Convener of the Kingdom Governance Movement.

[notice]Andre Viljoen speaks to former senior African National Congress provincial leader Mkhangeli Matomela, three months after he resigned from the ANC to lead a political movement dedicated to advancing the kingdom of God.[/notice]
When South Africans go to the polls next year they will have to decide whether to vote for the kingdom of God or the kingdom of darkness, said former ANC provincial leader, Mkhangeli Matomela.

Matomela, who convenes the fledgling Kingdom Governance Movement (KGM) said there is a deep crisis in South African society today as a result of the ANC abandoning its historical Christian values in favour of secular humanist policies pushed by the New Age Movement. Christians who vote next year for parties that support secular humanist politics will be voting for the antichrist. Those that vote for parties that honour and acknowledge God will be voting for justice, peace and righteousness, he said.

The 56-year-old politician, who I was interviewing in his King William’s Town home, resigned from the ANC three months ago to “spread the gospel of the Kingdom of God” through the KGM. Inspired by the Holy Spirit to move from a purely prophetic role into the trenches of politics, he said the KGM will contest the 2014 elections on a “prophetic Kingdom politics” ticket calling for the establishment of a values-based society. He said they hope to establish a “Kingdom Governance Alliance” with parties and organisations that are for the Kingdom of God and against secular humanist politics.

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Matomela joined the ANC in 1980. He was a co-founder of the SA Democratic Teachers’ Union, joined the Eastern Cape legislature in 1994, where he served variously as the ANC’s whip, the legislature’s speaker, education MEC and, at the time of his resignation, as the chairperson of the finance portfolio committee.

Alice Bailey charter
He said his Kingdom focus is not a new thing. He is a founder member of the Godly Governance Network (a prophetic voice which engages the Government in promoting godliness in governance) that was established in the Eastern Cape Legislature in 2000. Before the 2009 elections he warned then ANC President, Jacob Zuma, that the party was rapidly implementing the 10-point anti-Christian charter of late theosophist  and New Age Movement proponent, Alice Bailey. He subsequently expressed his misgivings to other ANC national and provincial leaders but his warnings were not heeded.

“On the 26th of May [2013] I felt strongly that the Lord wanted me to come out of the ANC because I have been carrying this message of the Kingdom of God for a long time,” he said.

His split with the ANC was sealed in late August after he was called by the party leadership to explain media reports of comments he made at a church gathering about the ANC’s New Age character. After a long discussion the ANC leaders finally accepted that he had a calling from God and should be allowed to pursue it.

During his amicable parting with the ANC he told them he was not against the party and that his move was in fact intended by God to save them by turning them back to their roots. He said the party was founded on Christian values by Christians and kings who honoured God and by leaders who were educated in Christian schools. He said God has sustained the ANC for more than 100 yrs because of its Christian foundation.

Explaining the “prophetic Kingdom politics” vision of the KGM he said they want to establish a values-based society that is built on absolute values and principles that come from the character of God. The problem with the current SA Constitution is that it is based on rights. He said true rights are gifts from God and that rights must always be aligned with inalienable godly values. KGM proposes the drawing up of a Charter of Shared Values based on Biblical and community values. Key values from this legal document should be enshrined in Chapter 1 of a proposed new values-based Constitution to guide policymakers and the judiciary and transform society according to the pattern of heaven.

Matomela said that despite its godly foundation the ANC has implemented the complete 10 point charter of Alice Bailey in a remarkably short time. He said it has undemocratically implemented antichrist laws such a legalising abortion and gay marriage, that are not endorsed by its resolutions, its manifesto or by its rank and file members.

ANC not running the country
“Although we gave the ANC the mandate to run this country it is not running the country. The New Age Movement, through its champions, the United Nations and the EU, are running this nation,” he said.

He said the ANC is allowing itself to be dictated to by the UN and its ‘One World Order’ allies because of various international agreements it has signed. The agenda is also being subtly pushed by a few individuals within the organisation.

“They [the ANC] should reject it. But I think they have run out of ideas. They are trapped,” he said.

Nor does Matomela let the Church off the hook. Some churches are endorsing the antichrist laws, as envisaged in one of the clauses of the Alice Bailey charter. Others are silent – which amounts to endorsement, he said.

“None of us are innocent. We must repent and be bold enough to take the bit in our mouths,” he said.

Matomela said he has already shared the KGM’s vision with the leaders of several Christian-based political parties. He said the party will not divide the Christian vote as some fear. The fact is that until now most Christians in South Africa have voted for the ANC and other parties that practice secular humanist politics, he said. The message of the KGM is not religious but to focus on the Kingdom of God, which is what Jesus taught about most. Prophetic Kingdom politics is about rulership guided by the will and purposes of God, while secular humanist politics is rulership under Lucifer who is always opposed to God, he said.

He said the KGM will engage all political parties, churches, ministry organisations, traditional leaders and society in general, with its call for voters to align themselves with the vision of a society based on the values of the Kingdom of God. He said like-minded parties were free to remain and retain their own identity.It was not about the KGM but about establishing a Kingdom Godly Alliance.

He again stressed that the KGM is not attacking the ANC but ministering to it as it is a victim of the antichrist. He said that by entering the elections the KGM is adopting a stronger position from which to minister to the ruling party. He predicted that the ANC will start to listen to the call to come out of secular humanist politics once it sees people supporting the KGM.

“I see the ANC currently in the position of the first King of Israel, Saul, with the KGM emerging as a David. They have lost their Kingdom mandate, and as David the KGM is rising up.”

He said God has shown him through scripture that the KGM must adopt the same attitude to the ANC as David adopted with Saul.

“We will treat them with respect because we respect those who are in government. God will not remove the ANC if David is not ready. David must be ready and then God is going to honour him.”


  1. My fervent prayer – and especially at this time of mourning for Madiba, such a great human being demonstrating consistently the values and intents of our Lord and Saviour – is that the ORIGINAL text, as well as the names of leading believers,the history of the first meetings as well as the Freedom Charter of the ANC would again be published so that EVERYONE in this country can be reminded that what was started in the Spirit, dare not be ‘completed’ in the flesh. God forgive and help us for Your Name’s sake !!! Amen

  2. Kennedy Mvusi Gwam

    South Africa is a democracy. One of the key aims of the struggle was to entrench freedom of speech and association. Everybody is free to start a political party and air his or her views. I am deeply concerned if as Christians we are to use our God-given platform for narrow political party politics. The more I read gateway news the more I begin to ask myself a question if I am an unknowing part of an underground political movement. There are many political parties found on Christian values in South Africa are we going to see them in this stating their opinions in this paper. I hope before we tarnish this beautiful work we stop this or suffer dividing the church once more.

    • Forget about “narrow political party politics”; the danger is real. The UN endorses and promotes Alice E Bailey’s philosophy worldwide. Please be aware that our freedoms are being eroded bit by bit. It is too easy to clos eone’s eyes and pretend that it isn’t happening – until it is too late…

  3. Kennedy Mvusi Gwam

    I purposefully did not comment on this article because I feel response to it will only serve a divisive agenda.

  4. Great, personally I believe KGM has been birthed by God himself. I for one has been praying and believing God that at the appointed time, He (God) will rise up theDaniels, Josephs, Shadracks, Meshacks and Abednigos of today. Keep it up brother and may God’s grace be on you. We Christians in the Westrand would like to be part ofKGM. Please make contact. Mobile 0834201671. Pst Hlengani Chauke

  5. Christopher Blackwell

    The South Africa Constitution specifically protects all religions and the government should remain secular to protect that freedom of religion. Unfortunately politics is always corrupt, parties just differing in how much.

    So I am sorry, but just because a political party uses Christian sounding words does not mean that it will be free of Corruption. That the never happened in a Christian Based Political Party in the world and unfortunately it will not happen with this new one. As history shows mixing religion with politics just dirties up religion rather than cleaning up politics.

    Might I point out that Jesus himself did not get involved in politics. He still doesn’t get involved in politics, no matter what any politician tells you, not even a Christian one.

  6. Very well said Christopher Blackwell. I am sorry to have to say this but Matomela sounds like someone who adheres to insane conspiracy theories and paranoia without any shred of credible evidence to back up such wild claims.

  7. Edgar Gschwend

    I firmly believe in the separation of church and state so that the church can objectively condemn or commend the states actions __ But individual Christians should certainly participate in the political process and in government— If they don’t, they are leaving all governing to the unbelievers. Edgar

  8. Kennedy Mvusi Gwam

    Edgar I cannot agree with you the more. As Christians especially as Christian leaders we must be clear on our political stand.

  9. I disagree with those who are saying politics do not mix with religion. Christianity is not religion but a relationship with God. Careful study of the word of God shows that God is very much against wicked governments, corruption and oppression but is strongly for the poor. When the righteous rule there is peace and prosperity but when the wicked rule there is no peace. Prov31v 8-9, Luke 4: 18, Is 58:1-14 etc. Hlengani Chauke

  10. Ntsikelelo Limba

    Political parties in a democratic political system contest elections in order to gain state-power, once a Christian values-based political party attains state power it would come up with not only Christian values-based laws but also institutions to enforce and ensure compliance with such laws. God has the power force all seven billion citizens of the world to obey Him but He doesn’t. Laws don’t transform the heart, for instance, if homosexuality is punishable by a prison sentence that wont change the homosexual he’ll be one even in prison.

  11. Anyone who is not aware that the UN is pushing it’s humanist values worldwide must have just arrived from Mars! Their whole philosophy of education is based on Alice E Bailey’s books and their overall philosophy is Humanist/New Age.
    All Christians should be aware of what is going one here. Our children are being indoctrinated to disbelieve Creation and more and more anti-Scriptural laws are being and still will be passed. If Francisco (above) believes that they are “insane conspiracy theories” is is in for a great shock in time to come. (Ever heard of the story of the frog in a pot of cold water placed on the stove…)

  12. Religion (including Christianity) is man’s way of finding God Almighty; and Relatioship (with Christ) is God’s way of finding man..

  13. Glory be to our God indeed matomela is on point we as the Christians are not supposed to be part of the problem but rather be part of solution amen