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Extra Ordinary — The Film: Review

Film Review by Andre Viljoen Extra Ordinary — The Film is a significant South African documentary movie that convincingly shows that ordinary people who say ‘yes’ to God can be used by Him to do extraordinary things as they reach out to people with the love and truth of Jesus. […]

The truth about Fifty Shades of Grey

Movie glamourises sexual violence and domestic abuse [notice]By Dawn Glass, Executive Director of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation with South Africa-specific content added by Taryn Hodgson of Africa Christian Action[/notice] Ster Kinekor in South Africa is promoting the soon-to-be-released Fifty Shades of Grey film as “the hottest cinema experience this Valentine’s […]

‘Deadraiser’ documentary deserves kudos for pioneering a new area

Movie Review by Tyler Williamson DEAD RAISERDirector: Johnny ClarkStudio: Mountain Light CinemaGenre: DocumentaryRun time: 105 minutes The new documentary, “Deadraiser“, by American “Mountain Light Studios” has recently premiered and started touring throughout the United States. The director and his team were recently in Redding, CA, on one of the stops […]

Enjoyable, worthwhile, family movie

Movie (DVD) Review by Andre Viljoen WWJDll — THE WOODCARVER Director: Terry Ingram Genre: Drama Distributed by Christian Art Media The Woodcarver tells the story of a troubled teenager, Matthew Stevenson (Dakota Daulby), who makes some bad choices when his parents’ marriage breaks up. As part of the disciplinary consequences […]

Some really good laughter medicine

Movie Review by Andre Viljoen ANITA RENFROE: Purse-onality Genre: Stand-up Comedy I kinda feel that I shouldn’t be writing this review. But I watched the DVD with my wife, Val, and we chatted about it afterwards and she says its okay for me to do the review. So, why all […]