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A year of shaking-up

2015 is shaping up to be an interesting year. I have consulted with various Christian leaders in South Africa recently and there appears to be consensus that God will be shaking things up this year. There is a growing despondency with the direction the nation has taken. Most people I […]

Is freedom really for all?

Attempts by sexual rights activists to weaken, redefine and even deconstruct the ancient institutions of marriage and the natural family are increasing across the western world.   Certain sectors of the Christian Church have courageously confronted this threat with commendable grace. But others, have simply conformed to appear accommodating and“progressive.” […]

Fight for your families

I write this newsletter from Johannesburg where Arlene and I have joined Pastor Theo and Bev Wolmaran’s 35 Year Celebrations at Christian Family Church. God has truly blessed their work. We just completed an exhuasting but blessed 7 day ministry tour of Durban where I spoke at two Ministers Fraternals […]

Make this Women’s Day matter! — End exploitation!

The “Prevention and Combating of Trafficking in Persons Act” has not yet been implemented despite President Zuma signing the comprehensive legislation into law in December 2013. The illegal sex-industry in SA is largely overlooked by authorities because of a lack of proper regulation. However, sexual exploitation and abuse of women […]

Called for a time such as this!

SA’s 5th Democratic Elections was a relatively peaceful event. Voting patterns were mainly along racial lines. The majority of blacks voted ANC while whites, coloured’s and Indians mainly voted DA. The ANC’s support is declining while the DA appears to be growing with each General Election. Some smaller parties managed […]