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The just shall live/vote by faith!

Please tune into “Watchmen on the Wall” on TBN Africa on Tuesday May 6 at 8pm for the repeat of our ‘Pre-Election Special’ with African Enterprise Founder and International Leader, Michael Cassidy. Michael shares valuable insights from his considerable experience in Christian leadership in South Africa during which he played […]

Vote your Biblical values on May 7, 2014

On April 27, 2014, South Africa celebrated Freedom Day – marking 20 years of democracy. However, freedom appears to mean different things to different people. To many in the public service, SA’s democratic dispensation signaled a sense of entitlement, which apparently, provides “rights” and “freedoms” to loot tax-payer money without […]

The natural family is in crisis

The family is under unprecedented attack in the Western World. This ancient and venerable institution has suffered considerably as a result of a sustained offensive by anti-family activists. Sexual rights activists are advancing a global agenda to redefine the sacred institution of marriage, the roles of men and women in […]

If My people will humble themselves and pray…

On Tues 18 March at 8pm on TBN Africa, “Watchmen on the Wall” features a debate on corruption with officials from the ANC, DA, ACDP, EFF and Agang at the Unashamedly Ethical Conference in Cape Town. Public and private sector corruption presents the greatest threat to South Africa’s future success. […]

If my people, who are called by My name, will pray…

“Watchmen on the Wall” visited several prominent Christian leaders in South Africa recently and asked them about their hopes and expectations for the New Year. I also canvassed their views about the upcoming General Elections. Although the leaders come from different backgrounds, their perspectives on 2014 were remarkably similar. This […]