Encountering Jesus in the Karoo: Latest KMMC reports

More than a thousand men come forward to give their lives to Jesus Christ on the first night of the Karoo Mighty Men Conference last weekend. Throughout the weekend men responded to the powerful presence of the Living God at the conference.

Glorious Karoo sunsets, the tangible presence of God and a multicultural gathering of some 20 000 spiritually hungry men made for a memorable and life-changing weekend on Rusoord farm near Middelburg last weekend. The links below give a small taste of the wonderful things God did in the hearts of men who came from all over South Africa to attend the 4th Karoo Mighty Men Conference.


Glorious unity of the Spirit evident in KMMC 2014

‘Lambano’ the promises of God

Ex cop set free of racism, ‘forgiven’ by KMMC speaker

Dream bus trip leads to transformed lives

‘Ons het 2 nuwe seuns!’

Many got baptised during Mighty Men weekend

Vlooi will challenge men to ‘adopt’ boys for KMMC 2015

Prolife activist seeks direction at Karoo Mighty Men

My Getuienis: Werner Gerber, Soldier for Jesus

Partnership with church leaders launched at KMMC




  1. Could you please send me your news letter. God Bless you for your work

  2. Hi!

    I have met God on this MMC. Renewed by the power of The Holy Spirit, saved by Jesus blood. Thanks for the guy who sponsored the busses from cape Town. Thanks to everyone that made this event possible

  3. mrs Nokulunga Ngalo

    I can’t believe what God is doing through our Pastor n His team, Pastor Afrika Mhlophe. I thank God for using Him, I never thought my husband can be transformed in onother way, of course Hes a born again, but now, the cultural thing, and the mentality He use to have is gone, I am trully blessed,

  4. I want to thank GOD for letting me experience 2 KMMC and if the LORD wil permit it that I can go to 2015 KMMC.keep up the good work and may GOD bless you and your famillies